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January 17, 2018

Skate Park demolished?

As the discussion continues about the construction of a car wash next to the Corowa Skate Park, it seems there are more questions being asked by the community, than answers coming from Federation Council.
I, with others attended a meeting at the skate park which was also attended by Mayor Pat Bourke, (whose attendance was appreciated).
At that meeting it was agreed that a number of questions would be documented and forwarded to Mayor Bourke, and that myself and the mayor would go through the issues raised within the letter, with appropriate council staff.
The letter has been forwarded.
At this stage we have had no reply to those questions.
The questions documented addressed a number of relevant issues including details and information about the rezoning of that parcel land from residential to commercial, an “unusual” event to say the least.
Details of the traffic plan which must have been undertaken prior to the approval being granted. Options for offering the proponent alternative sites to build on.
Details of the procedure and process followed prior to the approval, including details of the vote.
As we wait for the opportunity to continue that consultation process, a member of the group at the skate park meeting meet with car wash proponent Jamie Webb who “inferred” that the skate park “may” be demolished and moved further down that block of land.
That, of course, would be totally unacceptable and I call for council to openly and categorically confirm that no such demolition will occur now or in the future.
I would ask that this occur immediately.

Peter Wright

Magnanerie of cultural importance

Perhaps the Historical Society or the Federation Council could obtain a grant to repair the Magnanerie at Croppers Lagoon.
It has cultural importance.

Mary Wheeler

Take tree down, please

Christmas is over, so is the twelfth night (January 6).
Shakespeare is not amused.
Take the tree down!

A. Hathaway
Notting Hill
(Visitor to Corowa)

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