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January 17, 2018

Corowa Civic Bowls

The weekend A1 pennant game between Civic and Rutherglen will be played on Friday night at 5.30pm.
Come along and enjoy watching some good bowling played under the lights.
During the week social bowls continues on Tuesday and Wednesday with some very close result.
Tuesday winners were R. Webster, A. Norman, G. Beel 35 pts, runners up were S. Dawson, H. Elliot, B. McCarthy 32 pts, some very good bowling.
Wednesday winners, the day had to be decided by percentage - G. Barry, M. Hopkins, E. Hollingsworth won the day with 63 per cent, runners up - P. Bates and R. Crisfield on 59 per cent.
Both these teams played some very good bowls, well done.
The greens were filled on Sunday with the start of the Ovens and Murray mixed pairs event.
This event will continue over a couple of weeks and results will be advised at a later date.
Midweek pennant resumes this week and the weekend pennant results are as follows.
Weekend Pennant
First round of the weekend pennant after the Christmas break proved rather disastrous for Civic with the club scoring only one winning side.
The A1’s, A3’s and B3’s all lost comprehensively, the only shining glory being the B2’s who scored a good win over St James.
The A1’s hosted YMGCR and were no match for the visitors losing 66/101 with all 4 rinks down.
Col Hendren’s rink seemingly had the game under control after 20 ends only to lose 9 shots on the last 5 consecutive ends to go down 20/25.
Max Scanlon got off to a bad start but came back strongly after the tea break to eventually go down 19/25.
Tom Webb’s rink trailed all day to lose 12/24 and Dawn Hayman’s rink also found the going very tough right from the outset and they lowered their colours 15/27.
A3’s travelled to Bright by bus as two teams (also B3’s) were competing there.
They found the greens very heavy and tricky.
The opposition handled them much better and Civic could not muster a win from the competing 7 rinks.
Ad’s lost 75/103; Mark Mills’ rink had a very tight tussle, being level on five occasions, but dropping 10 shots on 4 consecutive ends mid game made their task of winning difficult - they lost 18/22.
Col McIntosh struck a very strong rink and were down 3/20 at one stage but rallied after the break to lose by only 6 shots, 21/27.
Lynton Ford’s boys were level after the 19th end but faded to go down 17/25.
Bill Docherty was right in it up until the 13th end but thereafter troubled the scorer only on 3 occasions to go down 19/29.
B2’s at home played St James and won convincingly 84/58 with 2 rinks up.
Steve Rodway together with B. Pulling, M. Lewis and M. Watson had a big win 34/16 allowing their opposition only 1 end in the last 12 ends.
Likewise Peter King’s rink had a strong win 31/19 whilst Bob Kilpatrick had a keen tussle going down 19/23 in the end.
B3’s also at Bright could not handle the conditions with Len Wilson losing 23/31, Pam Tobias down 16/38 and Frank Abbs rink was unlucky to lose 19/21 after being in front on 23rd end.
Forthcoming events - Club triples start Sunday, February 4, Business House Fours start Wednesday, February 14 and weekend pennant finals start on Saturday, February 17.
Watch notice board for details.
Resting Toucher

Corowa Services Bowls

Weekend Pennant Results for O&M Round 10 played 13/1/18 (taken from the O&M website) are:
A2 Division. Services vs. Myrtleford (Away). Lost overall 83 - 101. Individual rink results as follows:
Ken Widdison (Skip), Kaz Hughes (3rd), Allen Bartlett (2nd), Ray Bourke (Lead): Won 29 - 15
Peter Brown (Skip), Peter Summerill (3rd), Geoff Smethurst (2nd), Larry Turner (Lead): Lost 11 - 33
Troy Brockley (Skip), Lorraine Carmody (3rd), Ted Hovardt (2nd), Dom Carroll (Lead): Lost 25 - 30
Wayne Lee (Skip), Jim Walker (3rd), David Lewis (2nd), Alan Holmquest (Lead): Lost 17-23
Note: A2’s have moved to 3rd place on the ladder. Ken Widdison’s rink retains 1st place on the O&M ladder.
A4 Division. Services vs. Milwawa (At home). Lost overall 87 - 108. Individual rink results as follows:
Anne Summerill (Skip), David Muir (3rd), Peter Smith (2nd), Roger Mathers (Lead): Won 22 - 21
Ketch Brenton (Skip), Ron Tidd (3rd), Lex Thornton (2nd), Chris Reilly (Lead): Won 20 - 19
Lance Davis (Skip), Ray Dureau (3rd), Gordon Johnstone (2nd), Barry Warburton (Lead): Lost 25-38
Suzie Swift (Skip), Ed Burton (3rd), Greg Dormer (2nd), Hayden Brockley (Lead): Lost 20 - 28
Note: A4’s are currently 5th place on the ladder.
B2 Division. Services vs. Benalla (Away). Lost overall 63 - 79. Individual rink results as follows:
Berwyn Baddeley (Skip), Sam Nixon (3rd), Anne Smith (2nd), Luke Dutton (Lead): Won 27 - 14
Bob Ronnfeldt (Skip), Frank Gee (3rd), Pam Lee (2nd), Alma Muir (Lead): Lost 16 - 38
Stan McClarty (Skip), Peter Edwards (3rd), Les Pilfoot (2nd), Tony Coughlin (Lead): Lost 20 - 27
Note: B2’s retain 3rd place on the ladder.
B3 Division. Services vs. Wangaratta (Away). Lost overall 51 - 83. Individual rink results as follows:
Roly Nixon (Skip), Jeff Nixon (3rd), Maxine Burton (go Maxine: 2nd), Jim Ward (Lead): Won 24 - 22
Neville McPherson (Skip), Janet Davis (3rd), Fred Bevan (2nd), Don MacQueen (Lead): Lost 12 - 35
Neale Bathols (Skip), Wendy Robb (3rd), Alan Robb (2nd), Rod Garthwaite (Lead): Lost 15 - 26.
Note: B3’s are now 5th placed on the ladder.
There was no Midweek Pennant played last week.
Results for Tuesday, January 16 will be reported next week.

A reminder: there are just two more weeks remaining for twilight bowls: Fridays, January 19 and 26.
All are welcome to come along and enjoy bowls, beer and snags from 5.30pm onward.

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