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January 17, 2018

Corowa Golf
A bit more rain was welcome on our course, arrived this week without any interruption to anything.
So let’s look at this week’s results.
Tuesday, January 9
Golden Oldies – Stableford: Winner - John Culhane 18 pts. Runner-up - Phil Smith 17 pts. Ball winner - Terry Hinch. NTP - Tom Bennett.
Pro Comp – Stableford: Winner - Ian Land 40 pts. Runner-up - Guy Rowe 39 pts. Ball winners - Chris Sanderson 39 pts, Matthew Rennie, Bruce Pearce 36 pts, Robin Virant, Norm Baker, Terry Moriarty, Pat McCafferty, Mark Mooney, John Caminito, Bob Ronnfeldt 35 pts.
Wednesday, January 10
Ladies Stableford: Winner - Christine Dunkinson 37 pts. Runner-up - Tessa Merritt 37 pts. Third - Margaret Playford 36 pts. Ball winners - Marg Tobin 35 pts, Janette Saddington, Vera Mason 33 pts, Noreen Miller 32 pts, Trish Lethbridge 32 pts.
Thursday, January 11
Pro Comp – Stableford: Ladies winner - Sara Love 34 pts. NTP’s - Sara Love 4th and 27th. Men’s winner - Terry Hinch 42 pts. Runner-up - Martyn Cunningham 41 pts. Third - Darryl Herrod 40 pts. Fourth - Peter Justin 39 pts. Fifth - Tom Embleton 38 pts. Ball winners (2 balls each) - Bill Hall 38 pts, Len Reynoldson, Bruce Pearce, Dave McLeish, Rich Jamieson 37 pts, Norm Baker, John Hadden 36 pts, (1 ball each) - Ben Playford 36 pts, Jason Akermanis 35 pts, Steve Carrick, Phil Dunning, Martin Magill, Alan Nicol, Graeme Chester 35 pts. NTP’s - Michael Cleary 4th, Peter McNamara 27th.
Saturday, January 13
Ladies Stroke/Monthly Medal: Winner - Sheila Van Haren 95/70. Ball winners - Margaret Bradford 91/71, Jutta Wheatley 100/73, Sara Love 78/74. NTP’s - Trish Lethbridge 4th, Marg Tobin 18th.
Best gross score - Sara Love 78. Monthly medal winner - Sheila Van Haren (net 70), congratulations Sheila - well done!
Men’s Stroke/Monthly Medal: A grade winner - Guy Rowe 76/69. B grade winner - John Taylor 86/73. C grade winner - Ryan Clarke 103/72. Ball winners - Peter Tait 81/71, Andrew Love (Commonwealth) 76/73, Greg Eales (Yarrawonga) 89/73, Marc Taylor (Albury) 105/73, Nick Dehey (Lang Lang) 83/74, Robert Watson (Howlong) 90/74, Geoff Nichols 87/74, Gary Clinch 86/75, Kade Taylor (Albury) 87/75, Warren Hornsey 80/75, Phill Dunning 85/75, Robert Wiltshire 100/76, James McLean (Murray Downs) 77/76, Ben Playford 90/76, Ken Bouchard 98/77. NTP’s - Daniel Balzer 4th, James McLean 18th. Jackpot hole - no winner. Best gross scores - John Taylor 86, Ken Bouchard 98, Andrew Love 76. Monthly medal winner - Guy Rowe 76, congratulations Guy - well done!
Sunday, January 14
Medley Stableford: Winner - Martyn Cunningham 34 pts. Ball winners - Paul Pavey, Wayne Miller 34 pts, Bruce Pearce 33 pts, Michael Love, Rita Taylor 32 pts. NTP’s - Bernie McLean 4th, James McLean 4th and 27th.
For your diary
Wednesday, January 17 ladies pro comp.
Saturday, January 20 men’s 2017 matchplay semi- final.
Entries open for Peter Macpherson Knockout.
Sunday, January 21 men’s 2017 matchplay final plus daily competition.
Wednesday, January 24 ladies pro comp.
Friday, January 26 (Australia Day) - Federation Classic.
Event 1 - men’s 4BBB stableford.
Event 2 - ladies 4BBB stableford.
Saturday, January 27 - Federation Classic continues.
Event 3 - 18 hole men’s 4BBB Stableford
Event 4 - 18 hole ladies 4BBB Stableford
Sunday, January 28 - Federation Classic continues.
Event 5 - 18 hole men’s 4BBB Stableford.
Event 6 - 18 hole ladies 4BBB stableford.
Friday 26, Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 January - Block Entry.
Event 7 - 54 hole men’s 4BBB Stableford.
Event 8 - 54 hole ladies 4BBB Stableford.
Enter at reception or online at
Entry fee per play Friday 26 $20, Saturday 27 $20, Sunday 28 $20 or block entry $50.
Per pair – Friday, January 26 $40, Saturday 27 $40, Sunday 28 $40 or block entry for three days $100.
All conditions of entry are on entry form.
Note next tournament is our Easter Tournament – Friday, March 30, Saturday, March 31, Sunday, April 1 and Monday, April 2.
Sidchrome Classic golf day – Saturday, February 3 played as a 3 ball Ambrose, on old course 1-18 holes.
Saturday, February 3 - shot gun start 12 noon for 12.30 start.
Entry $45 per player (game and smorgasbord dinner).
There will be $10,000 in prizes including a hole-in-one prize of a Sidchrome Chest Roll cabinet with tools with a value of $4,000.
Pre bookings essential - contact Rob Rowe on (02) 6033 2261.
Happy Golfing
“The Bogeyman”
Howlong Golf
Monday, January 8
Men’s Howlong Vets – Stableford: A grade winner - Gordon Sawyer 41 pts. A grade r/up - Michael Hibberson 40 pts. B grade winner - Jeffrey Brundell 42 pts. B grade r/up - John Van Nispen 41 pts. Ball winners - Brian Scolyer 40 pts, Ivor Bumbers, David Charles, Ronald Wyatt, Fred Ford, Tom Bennett, George Lee 39 pts, Philip Cummings, Ray Reid, Michael Ursu, Thomas Embleton, Terry Hinch 38 pts, Rodney Moyle 37 pts. NTP’s - John Van Nispen 2nd, Philip Cummings 5th, Neville Brown 8th, Laurence Moylan 18th.
Ladies Howlong Vets – Stableford: A grade winner - Goldie Reid 42 pts. A grade r/up - Caroline Melville 41 pts c/b. A grade third - MJ Ursu 41 pts. Ball winners - Fay Barnes 38 pts, Angela Lee, Julie Cox, Diane I’Anson, Helen Embleton 36 pts, Robin Stevens 35 pts. NTP’s - Dot Reitenbach 2nd, Di Tyrell-Miller 5th, Angela Lee 8th.
Tuesday, January 9
Men’s Stableford: A grade winner - Bruce Barnes 39 pts c/b. A grade r/up - Peter Daley 39 pts. B grade winner - Glen Shannon 43 pts. B grade r/up - Kel Smith 42 pts. C grade winner - Gordon Bryant 43 pts. C grade r/up - Russell Mooney 39 pts. Ball winners - Kevin Kerlin 41 pts, Matt Sullivan, Neville Lowe, Bob Watson 39 pts, Brian Austin, Peter Donovan 38 pts, Bert Washington, Bruce Bengough, Neil Chapman, Ephraim Mitchell 37 pts, Dev Knighton, Ray Reid, Andrew Clelland, Timothy Purtill, Don Eastick, Scott Hetherington, Kym Melville, Wendel Reitenbach, Neville Batt 36 pts, Gordon Sawyer, Jason McGrath, Jeff Cashman, Peter Anderson 35 pts, Robert Calagaz, Ian Williams, Mathew O’Halloran 34 pts. NTP’s - Bill Iverach 2nd, Jack O’Halloran 5th, Steve Ash 8th, Joshua Smith 18th.
Ladies Stableford: A grade winner - Saw-Ling Lim 38 pts c/b. A grade r/up - Denise Livingstone 38 pts. Ball winners - Margaret Austin 35 pts, Caroline Melville 33 pts, Connie Chapman 32 pts. NTP - Denise Livingstone 5th.
Thursday, January 11
Men’s Silvercolts Stableford: A grade winner - Thomas Larkins 43 pts. A grade r/up - Peter Donovan 40 pts c/b. A grade third - Bruce Bengough 40 pts. B grade winner - Corrie Haring 42 pts. B grade r/up - Gerry Hellmann 40 pts. B grade third - Tom Bennett 39 pts. C grade winner - Nevil Yates 44 pts. C grade r/up - Alan Panther 43 pts. C grade third - John Foley 41 pts. Ball winners - Noel Yewers, Kevin Murphy 41 pts, Peter Redhead 40 pts, Rob Forrest, Peter Smith 39 pts, Paul Hayden, John Kimber, Neville Lowe, Doug Poole, Henry Hopkins 38 pts, Alan Hutchings, Rino Feltrin, Leslie F T Lim, Glenn Tomkins, Keith Allison, Brian Hone, Terry Mardling 37 pts, Neville Brown, Michael Hibberson, Jeff Cashman 36 pts. NTP’s - Corrie Haring 2nd, Keith Allison 5th, Don Eastick 8th, John Foley 18th.
Friday, January 12
18 hole Medley – Stableford: A grade winner - Caroline Melville 41 pts. A grade r/up - Kerry Dunne 39 pts. Ball winners - Kym Melville, Christopher Rice 37 pts, Saw-Ling Lim, Russell Mathews 35 pts, Gordon Sawyer 33 pts. NTP’s - Maureen Mathews 5th, Russell Mathews 8th, Peter Daley 18th.
Men’s 9 hole Chook Run: Winner - Paul Evans 22 pts c/b. Ball winners - Matthew Farrugia, Shayne Rutherford, Stuart James, Kim Gray, Damien Shanahan 22 pts, Ian Sutherland, Gary McLaughlin 21 pts, Tom Rilen, John Mentakis, Keith Lambert 20 pts.
Ladies 9 hole Chook Run: Winner - Margaret Craik 23 pts. Ball winners - Amanda Arnot 21 pts, Fay Dean, Wendy Lambert 20 pts, Lee Nothrop 19 pts, Gail Arthur 18 pts, Susan Gibb, Julie Fenton-Smith 17 pts.
Saturday, January 13
Men’s Stableford: A grade winner - Bruce Barnes 39 pts c/b. A grade r/up - Ian Charles 39 pts c/b. B grade winner - Gary Taylor 40 pts c/b. B grade r/up - Tetsuya Kamiyama 40 pts. C grade winner - Michael Kelly 42 pts. C grade r/up - Greg Keir 40 pts.
Ball winners - Steven Humphries, Robert Ross, Matt Chambers 39 pts, Mathew Porter, Zachary Grubisa, Tony Caunt, Craig Aldridge, Brian Austin 38 pts, Tim Kirkwood, Stuart James, Tony Davis, Peter Redhead, Warren Beddoes, Paul Purtell, Mark Pattinson, John Arthur, Tom Murphy, Ken Rainbow 37 pts, Tony Jelbart, Bill Levick, Joel Barker, Paul Wallace, Stephen Donaghey, Trevor Pattinson 36 pts. NTP’s - Shayne Jennings 2nd, Peter Stevens 5th, Ray Van Klaveren 8th, Zachary Grubisa 18th.
Ladies Stableford: A grade winner - Dot Reitenbach 40 pts. A grade r/up - Judy Fah 39 pts. Ball winners - Amanda Arnot 38 pts, Diane I’Anson 37 pts, Margaret Austin 35 pts, Liz Greenhill 34 pts, Helen Embleton 33 pts c/b. NTP - Margaret Austin 5th.
Sunday, January 14
Summer Pennant – Stableford: A grade winner - Travis Merritt 41 pts. A grade r/up - Thomas Larkins 39 pts. B grade winner - Ron Newman 42 pts. B grade r/up - Marcus Reid 41 pts. Ball winners - David Smith 39 pts, Stuart James, Stephen Leathem, Max Barraclough, Brett McMahon, Michael Roberts, Anthony Harmer, Stuart Gray 38 pts, John Sheehan, Greg Gardiner, Neville Batt, Alex Krause 37 pts, Brenton Pool, Scott Reid 36 pts. Eagle - Travis Merritt 11th. NTP - Max Barraclough 17th.
Rutherglen Golf Club
Winner Monthly Medal P.Trimble 69. Ball Winners C Cottam 70, D Ward 72, G Curtis 73, C.Tafft 73, W Milthorpe 73.
Nearest Pin, 8th G Curtis, 12th G Goodwin.
Coming events, Wednesday Open Stableford 8am for 8.30am start, Friday night chock run, Sunday 1st round 12 hole Open Stableford holes 1-9, 10, 15 and 16. 8am for 8.30am start.
MRVGA – Corowa
Veterans Golf Results
The 2018 Program got off to a solid start with 58 members – including 10 ladies and visitors taking to the Corowa Golf Club course on Monday, January 15.
We wish to acknowledge our business support partner of the day – Corowa Golf Club and Corowa Nursery & Garden Centre – and thank them for their valuable support in ensuring this event continues to be available.
Ladies winner carding 37 Stableford Points with a handicap of 19 was Ann Bumbers receiving a sponsors voucher to the value of $25 and runner-up was Vera Mason with a score of 35 from 20 h/cap receiving a presentation pack of golf balls – well done ladies.
Gold balls were presented to P Cooper 32, D Tyrell-Miller 31, C Melville 29, E Romey 29, J Williams 26, B Simpson 25, B Lloyd 23, and H Eggleston, 21.
There were no lady NTP winners.
Men’s A Grade winner with a score of 38 from an 8 h’cap was J Arthur and runner-up with a score of 34 off 11 was P Redhead.
B Grade winner was Rick Jamieson with 41 from 21 with B Scolyer runner-up carding 39 off 24.
R Jamieson and J Arthur were NTP winners on the 18th and 27th holes respectively.
Men’s Ball Rundown winners;  K Allsopp 37, J Gibbs 37, D Twiss 33, P Smith 33, A George 33, G Mason 33, G Pool 33, N Lowe 32, T Larkins 32, R Wyatt 32, and R Wiltshire 32.
Group Ball Winners; I Bumbers, B Ritchie, C Timma, T Moroney, J Lackner, J Culhane, A Nicol, D Stanley, G Tomkins, A Scott, K Dean T Melville and K Argent.
Our February event to be played at the Corowa Course on the 12th is to be the first in an inaugural Thurgoona/Corowa Veterans two game annual competition and promises to be a large field in support this Inter Club competition.
Registrations can be arranged by contacting the team in the Corowa Pro Shop on (02) 6033 3162.

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