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January 24, 2018

Corowa Civic Bowls

The hot weather this week has made games on the bowling green very challenging to say the least.

During the week the final of two men’s club events were decided.

Men’s Singles Championship was played between Max Scanlon and Tommy Webb.

Despite an early start perhaps the weather favoured youth, but Max was unable to match Tommy’s excellent consistent draw bowling.

Max Scanlon, runner up and our new Club Champion is Tommy Webb, congratulations and very well played.

Men’s Club Pairs - Max Scanlon and Tommy Hynes versus Wayne Mills and Len Reynoldson.

This game was close all the way and all players had some excellent bowls.

After 18 ends the game was level at 17 all.

An extra end had to be played; Max and Tommy were able to hold onto 2 shots giving them the title.

Runners up Wayne and Len played very well and congratulations to all on a very good game.

Wednesday Social Bowls was a bit light on numbers but the weather didn’t help.

Winners were R. Webster, F. Hicks and B. Dix, runners up G. Barry, B. Shipcott and N. Young.

Midweek pennant resumed this week with varying results.

Division 1 were at home to Benalla.

C. Hendren’s rink 21-28 was just in front midway through the game but Benalla were too strong after 25 ends.

J. White 16-30 and K. Hoey 12-28 both found the opposition too strong on the day.

Division 3 travelled to Wodonga and had a close game going down by 7.

B. Docherty’s rink 13-25 were unable to hit the front, however G. McFarlane’s rink played an exciting 24-24 draw.

G. Rowe and crew were tops on the day with 25-20 win.

Well played.

Division 4 played Rutherglen.

J. Burgess’s rink 11-28 battled all game.

E. Hollingsworth rink 18-22 went close to a win but J. Wood’s rink 26-18 played very well but not able to cover the deficit.

Weekend Pennant

With heatwave conditions predicted over the weekend, clubs had special arrangements for earlier than normal starts in an effort to complete the games and beat the heat.

Civic played host to Rutherglen and this game was completed on Friday evening with Civic scoring a big win 125/76 (3 rinks up).

Dawn Hayman’s rink returned to the winners list with a resounding 41/12 score line, allowing their opponents only 7 ends.

Likewise Col Hendren, in winning 42/16 allowed his opposite number only 7 ends.

Max Scanlon trailed in the early stages but hit their straps midgame to run our winners 23/18.

Tom Webb’s rink had a mixed day; trailed early, hit the front on the 22nd end only to drop 12 shots on the final 3 to lose 20/30.

Ad’s also played host to Rutherglen.

It was a case of keeping an eye on the thermometer and at 1.15pm the gauge exceeded 40 degrees and the game ceased immediately with Civic leading after 93 ends, 109/71 with 3 rinks up.

Bill Docherty’s rink of E. Ide, G. McIntosh and P. King were the outstanding performers winning 35/7, allowing their opponents only 5 ends.

Kevin Hoey also had a big win 26/14 with their opponents only scoring 7 ends.

Lynton Ford’s rink came from 4/15 down after 9 ends to then allow the opposition only 9 shots and they went on to win 30/24 in a strong comeback.

Mark Mill’s rink lowered their colours in a tight game but by losing 15 shots over 5 consecutive ends early in the game made recovery difficult and in the end they went down 18/26.

B2’s made the long journey to Mansfield and found the greens on the slow side and they lost 59/77.

Gus Steven’s rink was the only winner on 28/20.

Bob Kilpatrick went down 17/26 and Steve Rodway had little joy on losing 14/31.

They were, however, able to complete their game in full.

B3’s were hosts to Myrtleford and when play was stopped, due to the excessive heat, at 1.15pm, Civic were declared winners 61/56 ( 2 rinks up).

Marie Lewsey scored a good win 22/17, Frank Abbs won 23/19 but Len Wilson just failed to get home, losing 16/20.

All in all a much better weekend than the previous one, results wise.

With more excessive hot weather predicted for the ensuring week, members are urged to watch the noticeboards for announcements.

Resting Toucher

Corowa Services Bowls

As luck would have it, all sides for Saturday pennant were in front when the Powers that Be called a stop to all games citing the heat rule.

This has affected the results adversely for some because O and M have counted some results and not others.

The end result from the O and M website, complex to understand, is as follows:

A2 are now fourth.

Without a doubt, the drop to 4th was caused by the stopping of play along with the fact that Ken Widdison’s rink, without a result to post, is now only just hanging on to leading the Skippers ladder by one shot.

One does wonder how one can lose a ladder position purely by the luck of weather conditions in part of a division and others can progress by the same rules, with no stoppage of play.

Consistency of ruling across the division seemed more balanced. 

A4’s are 5th.

They played Yackandandah and were soundly beaten by 59 shots: no rinks were up. 

B2’s are 3rd.

B3’s are 5th. 

In midweek, the results are

A1 played Rutherglen away. Score 52 - 86 (Lost).

Rinks as follows: Rosemary Baddeley, Anne Summerill, Ray Dureau, Suzi Swift - 12-34. Larry Turner, Maree Jones, Ted Hovard, Lance Davis - 26-28. Irene Biggs, Laurie Way, Ed Burton, Lorraine Carmody - 14-24. Position on ladder: Last

B2 played at home to Yackandandah. Score 61 - 87 (Lost).

Rinks as follows: Janet Parkinson, Rhonda Clark, Peter Watson, Frank Gee - 18 – 21. Donald MacQueen, Wendy Briggs, Janet Davis, Peter Edwards - 28 – 31. Heather Murphy, Janelle Gee, Wendy Robb, Arthur Campbell - 15 – 35. Position on ladder: Last.

A reminder that this Friday is the final Barefoot Bowls for the summer.

Little kids and big kids all welcome. 


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