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January 24, 2018

Corowa Golf

Another pretty hot week for golf, but a few good brave players out there.

A note (thank you) received from the lady niners that they are not returning until February 5, 7.30am for an 8am hit off, 9 holes - new members are most welcome - come for fun.

No pressure, meet at the car park near the 10th tee, see you there ladies.

Tuesday, January 16

Golden Oldies – Stableford: Winner - Alf George 19 pts. Runner up - Keith Allsop 19 pts. NTP - Keith Allsop. Ball winner - Bill Garner.

Pro Comp – Stableford: Winner - Cliff Coghill 40 pts. Runner up - Peter Justin 38 pts. Ball winners - Tim King 38 pts, Graeme Pickett 37 pts, Bob Ronnfeldt 35 pts, Rod Rosengren 35 pts. Well done Cliff - nice to see you on top again.

Wednesday, January 17

Ladies Stableford: Winner - Margaret Playford 37 pts. Runner up - Vera Mason 36 pts. Ball winners - Margaret Bradford 36 pts, Bernie McLean 35 pts, Marlene Stuart, Noreen Miller, Marg Tobin 34 pts.

Thursday, January 18

Pro Comp – Stableford: Winner - Paul Merritt 40 pts. Runner up - Leonard Hall 38 pts. Third - Daniel Lee 38 pts. Fourth - Allen Wood 37 pts. Fifth - Lindsay Seymour 37 pts. Winners of 2 ball each - Graeme Pickett, Josh Smith, Drew Coburn, Bob Parr 36 pts, Ray Green, Des Fraser, Bill Hall, roger Bradford 35 pts. Winners of 1 ball each - Mark Lyndon 35 pts, Terry Johnstone, Terry Moriarty, Guy Rowe, Jason Akermanis, Peter Howell, Steve Carrick, Alex Patton 34 pts. NTP’s - Paul Merritt 4th, Zach O’Collins 18th.

Saturday, January 20

Ladies Stableford: Winner - Margaret Playford 34 pts. Runner up - Heather Briggs 32 pts. Ball winners - Marg Tobin 32 pts, Bernie McLean 30 pts. NTP - Trish Lethbridge 4th.

Men’s Stableford: A grade winner - Dalton Wegener 39 pts. B grade winner - Gerald Ward 39 pts. C grade winner - Mat McLean 41 pts. Ball winners - Peter Reid, Malcolm McLean, Peter Tait, David Robb, Les Payne 37 pts, Andrew Scott, Terry Johnstone, Brian Chandler, Geoff Nicholls 36 pts, Neil Caulfield 34 pts. NTP’s - Neville Tait 4th, Malcolm McLean 27th. No winner on 21st (Jackpot Hole).

Sunday, January 21

Stableford: Winner - Rita Taylor 36 pts. Ball winner - Peter Reid 34 pts. NTP’s - Peter Reid 4th.

Happy Golfing

“The Bogeyman”  

Howlong Golf

Tuesday, January 16

Men’s Stableford: A grade winner - Martin Tobin 40 pts. A grade r/up - Mark Pattinson 38 pts. B grade winner - Stan Ridley 39 pts. B grade r/up - Ivor Bumbers 37 pts. C grade winner - John Van Nispen 42 pts. C grade r/up - Ian Weaver 40 pts. Ball winners - Edward Wornes 40 pts, David Smith 38 pts, Bruce Bengough, Bill Simmonds, Michael Hollis, Graham Gould, Don Eastick, Stephen Purcivall 37 pts, Tom O’Halloran, Kevin Argent, Reginald Outen, Ian Bain, Robert Ross 36 pts, Peter Daley, Mal Walter, Robert Blundell, Kim Gray, Neville Batt, Mathew O’Halloran, Ray Reid, Scott Hetherington, Graham Clarke 35 pts. Eagle - Reginald Edwards 12th. NTP’s - David Smith 2nd, Robert Ross 5th, Jack O’Halloran 8th, Bill Iverach 18th.

Ladies Stableford: A grade winner - Susan Mitchell 38 pts. A grade r/up - Connie Chapman 37 pts c/b. Ball winner - Denise Livingstone 37 pts. NTP - Kerrie Brooks 5th.

Wednesday, January 17

Ladies Stableford: A grade winner - Di Tyrell-Miller 45 pts. A grade r/up - Sue Harris 39 pts. B grade winner - Lorraine Walton 42 pts. B grade r/up - Lorraine Horton 40 pts. Ball winners - Susan Gibb 39 pts, Jan Hastings 38 pts, Gwen McCarthy, Angela Lee, MJ Ursu 37 pts, Diane I’Anson, Amanda Arnot, Lyn Crocker, Noellene Wells, Ros Kerr, Julie Cox, Jan Sutherland, Colleen O’Keefe 34 pts, Jan Lang, Janny Molesworth 33 pts. NTP’s - Colleen O’Keefe 2nd, Jan Hastings 5th, Gail O’Halloran 8th, Beverley Coughlan 13th.

Ladies 9 hole Stableford: Winner - Frances Young 17 pts. Runner up - Gail Arthur 11 pts.

Thursday, January 18

Men’s Silvercolts Stableford: A grade winner - Thomas Larkins 43 pts. A grade r/up - Mick Kenna 40 pts c/b. A grade third - Rob Forrest 40 pts. B grade winner - Leigh Ashford 40 pts c/b. B grade r/up - Richard Murray 40 pts c/b. B grade third - Tony Jelbart 40 pts. C grade winner - Kevin Donovan 41 pts c/b. C grade r/up - Dale Barnett 41 pts. C grade third - Bruce Ritchie 40 pts. Ball winners - Stephen Sang, Ronald Southern, Laurence Moylan, Bill Tomkins 40 pts, Fred Ford, Bruce Bengough 39 pts, Michael Hibberson, Bill McKenzie, Neville Brown, Alan Panther 38 pts, Ray Reid, Kim Gray,Ian Williams, Philip Cummings, Stephen Purcivall, Brian Hardidge, Jim Fairweather, David Horton, Peter Revell, Mervyn McCormick 37 pts, Neville Lowe 36 pts. NTP’s - Steven Leitl 2nd, Bruce Bengough 5th, Neville Lowe 8th, Mick Kenna 18th.

Saturday, January 20

Men’s Stableford: A grade winner - Deon Van Der Merwe 40 pts. A grade r/up - Scott Proctor 39 pts c/b. A grade third - Martin Tobin 39 pts. B grade winner - David Stevens 38 pts c/b. B grade r/up - Ian Bain 38 pts, B grade third - Robert Richardson 37 pts. C grade winner - Patrick O’Keefe 42 pts. C grade r/up - Eric Savige 37 pts c/b. C grade third - Gerry Hellmann 37 pts. Ball winners - Eddie Fah 39 pts, Peter Redhead, Ray Van Klaveren, Craig Aldridge, Neville Brown, Simon Martin 38 pts, Mark Pattinson 37 pts, Barry Cohen, Peter Stevens, Graydy Carpenter 36 pts, Justin Russell, Ross Martin, Tom Grubisa, Robert Bingham, John Watkins, Robert Watson, Travis Merritt, Brett McMahon, Ronald Chaffey, Ron Newman, Stephen Piddington, Max Anderson, Joel Barker 35 pts. Eagle - Travis Merritt 1st, Justin Russell 14th. NTP’s - Tom O’Halloran 2nd, Justin Russell 5th, Stuart James 8th, Rorey McNamara 18th.

Ladies Stableford: A grade winner - Dot Reitenbach 37 pts c/b. A grade r/up - Diane I’Anson 37 pts. Ball winners - Fay Barnes 36 pts, Helen Embleton, Di Tyrell-Miller 34 pts. NTP - Karie Lowe 5th.

Sunday, January 21

Sunday Pennant: A grade winner - Brett McMahon 41 pts. A grade r/up - John Sheehan 40 pts. B grade winner - John McMaugh 42 pts. B grade r/up - Casey Rolfe 41 pts. Ball winners - Ray Reid, Dylan Pool 40 pts, John Arthur, Travis Merritt, Rob Forrest, Shaun McCormack 38 pts, Thomas Larkins, Alex Krause, John Kimber, Damien Shanahan, Mathew Porter 37 pts, Neville Batt, Ian Williams, Neville Brown 36 pts. NTP’s - Dylan Pool 2nd, Shaun McCormack 17th.

18 hole Medley Stableford: A grade winner - Jan Lang 39 pts. A grade r/up - Peter Stevens 38 pts. Ball winners - Stuart Towers 38 pts, Wayne Degering, Melinda Blumoser 37 pts, Mark Wegener 35 pts, Joshua Carr 34 pts. NTP’s - Melinda Blumoser 5th, Hugo Towers 8th, Mark Wegener 18th.

Rutherglen Golf Club

Wednesday, January 17

Stableford results: winner M.Vizjak 37pts. Ball L Thatcher 36pts others G Williams 35pts, J Williams 30 pts, K Dean 29 Pts.

Wednesday, January 17

9 Hole Chock Run: winner Pat Copper 18pts, runner-up Jenny Harkness 17 pts others N Monahan 15pts, Pat Prescott 14pts, Judy Harrison 13pts.

Sunday, January 21

Open Stableford: winner P.Trimble 26pts, runner-up Des. Whelan 23pts, others I. Grimes 21 pts, G. Hennessy 20pts, C. Tafft 19 pts, G. Goodwin 19 pts, N. Dunstan 19 pts.

Coming Events: Wednesday, January 24, Open Stableford.

Friday, January 26, Australia Day Chook Run 9 Holes Stableford, Sunday, January 28, Hole Stableford.

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