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January 24, 2018

Doc Yarrum – going above and beyond

A letter written to Jack and staff at Doc Yarrum,
I am writing this letter to you because I need you to know how special you are.
As you know last Friday 19/1/2018 I came to you and brought Cliff Forge in as he was in need of some water.
I needed you to know that the way your staff looked after Cliff I felt was nothing more than outstanding as you all went out of your way to make sure Cliff survived okay.
As Cliff also celebrated his 100th birthday on Saturday I am sure that he also would join me in thanking you all as well as would Bev, the lady who was with me helping Cliff.
In closing, I felt that you needed to know how important you all are in our community and I am hoping so much that you do well in your business which you have taken management of.

Kindest regards to you all,
Stan Bromley

Don’t re-locate skate park

I have to support Peter Wright’s comments on the skate park and car wash debacle.
At the meeting with Federation Council Mayor Pat Bourke, we were assured that our concerns would be addressed.
When I suggested to the developer that Howlong would be a better proposition for the car wash he commented that the current car wash is past its use by date and the skate park should be demolished.
Mr Webb and his company are quite within their rights.
The big question is why was a blanket re-zoning given to that area a few years ago?
More questions than answers.
I am also awaiting a reply to my latest letter to council.
The skate park must not be re-located.
Too much has gone into it over the years, by volunteers and the local community supporting it.
Federation Council needs to now take responsibility for a previous appalling decision by its predecessor.

Pat Brody

No consultation over new skate park design

When the Corowa Skate Park Committee made an application to the Federation Council’s Stronger Communities Fund for funding for the Corowa Skate Bowl Extension Project, it did so after years of consultation and research had been conducted to establish the best way to progress this project to its completion.
A formal concept design for the project was prepared and drawn up and submitted with the funding application so that the project could go to tender as a design/construct project.
We had been advised by experienced skate park construction companies that this was the most cost-effective option to proceed this project and our evaluation confirmed this approach as being the best way to go.
Funding of $333,170.00 for the project was granted and received in May 2017.
Despite the project being ready to proceed once funding was secured, council has since then taken this project on a complicated, circuitous and costly route, one that simply defies description.
While the Skate Park Committee has no problem with council adding repairs to the existing park and providing parents with a proper space to supervise their children as part of the project, it is astounding to now find that with no consultation and knowledge of this not being conveyed to us at a meeting with council staff in the last few days, that a new brief for the project was developed late last year and that council is currently considering other design proposals for the project.
What this entails is unknown to us, but we can be certain that if the project brief and rushed redesigns we saw in the weeks after funding was received in 2017 are anything to go by, there is little hope for whatever is being considered now.
Besides the proposed car wash development planned for next door to the skate park, added to the above concern is the idea that the skate park could be shifted and redeveloped somewhere else – for what reason this would happen, no one has cared to explain. This concept is nothing short of absurd and shows a complete lack of regard and respect for the value the established skate park facility has within our community and for the youth who use it.
The Corowa Skate Bowl Extension Project began as a community project for the youth of Corowa and has involved years of community work and fundraising to get it to this stage.
Federation Council has clearly lost sight of the reasons this project was proposed for development in the first place and what was planned and hoped to be achieved once it was successfully completed. It is time to stop using our project as a political football and to get on with constructing it as it was intended.

Ellen Lewis
Corowa Skate Park Committee

St Vinnies thankful for community’s generosity

The good people of our district have come to the fore once again, and through their generosity have relieved at least some the feelings of grief and loneliness for some of our friends less fortunate than us.
Without these people to assist us it would be a sad time for many.
The Christmas hampers prepared and distributed by Vinnies and their many helpers throughout the community can make them feel justly proud of the part they played.
Vinnies, through the Free Press, would like to recognise and thank the individuals and organisations to which these people belong.
As in the past Uncle Toby’s were very generous with their large donation of their products, and we thank them once again.
We thank Corowa IGA and Corowa Rotary, together with IGA’s customers, for the Giving Tree in the supermarket where food items, toys, and comfort gifts of toiletries were donated.
The Corowa Lions and Ladies were extremely generous with the preparation of their huge hampers (12 in all) which were distributed alongside Vinnies hampers.
They also donated several Christmas cakes and puddings.
St Mary’s Primary School, together with the Corowa Public School, once again donated toys and groceries.
Thank you girls and boys and parents too, of course, for your generosity.
Others worthy of mention are Corowa-Rutherglen Garden Club, Country Buddies Wahgunyah, Corowa Vinnies Op-Shop and Target Corowa, as well as the Corowa Presbyterian Church and their Op-Shop who helped us out with generous donations.
We are grateful to the Corowa Catholic Parish who contributed through the Giving Tree in the church, and other religious groups, businesses or private persons who donated goods or made cash donations to the appeal.
A special thanks to Sue Holt for obtaining the foam boxes for us to pack all of our hampers in - without them we would be in a jumbled mess.
Sandra Drum and Carmel Salmon and their helpers did a wonderful job in organising and packing the hampers.
Unfortunately this year is the last year we will have Carmel helping us as she has had to resign for health reasons.
Congratulations on a mighty job over the years Carmel and we all wish you well with your health in the future.
The Corowa Conference of the St Vincent de Paul Society is proud to be working in a community which is so generous to those who are experiencing difficulties.
We say thank you and God bless you all.

Alan Nicol
St Vincent de Paul Society, Corowa.

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