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January 31, 2018

Corowa Golf

A very hot week with welcome rain on Thursday and Friday nights, but still hot days and those golfing certainly felt it.

A fair bit to report on, so better get on with it.

Tuesday, January 23

Pro Comp – Stableford: Winner - Gary Clinch 40 pts. Ball winners - Glen McKenzie 38 pts, Roger Bradford 38 pts, Bob Ronnfeldt 37 pts.

Golden Oldies – Stableford: Winner - Terry Hinch 21 pts. Runner up - Rob Wiltshire 18 pts. Ball winner - Terry Moroney.

Wednesday, January 24

Ladies Stableford: Winner - Margaret Playford 42 pts. Runner up - Bernie McLean 40 pts. Ball winners - Sheila Van Haren, Jacquie Lawler, Marlene Stuart, Selina Barkley 34 pts.

Thursday, January 25

Pro Comp – Stableford: Winner - Phil Turner 40 pts. Runner up - Brenton Ketchell 38 pts. Third - Mark Kavanagh 38 pts. Fourth - Roger Bradford 37 pts. Ball winners (2 balls each) - Neville Tait, Martyn Cunningham, Doug Ward, Paul Merritt 37 pts, Graeme Chester, Glenn Wallis, Glen McKenzie 35 pts. 1 ball each - Bob Ronnfeldt, Bill Hall 35 pts, Greg Witherden, Michael Cleary, Joe Lackner, Peter Justin 34 pts. NTP’s - Neville King 18th, Michael Cleary 27th.

Friday, January 26

Ladies Federation Classic 4BBB: Winners - Jeannette Aylward and Trish Lethbridge 39 pts. Runners up - Caroline Patton & Sue Patton 38 pts. Ball winners - Marie Barnes and Susan Wood, Caroline Boland & Janette Saddington 37 pts. NTP’s - Jeannette Aylward 4th, Caroline Patton 18th.

Men’s Federation Classic 4BBB: Winners - Andrew Woodward & Neville King 45 pts. Runners up - Mark Mooney and Geoffrey Cox 44 pts. Third - Robin Virant and Michael Love 44 pts. Ball winners - Ian Storey (East Malvern) and Brian Chandler, Tyler Arrowsmith and Phillip Arrowsmith (Eastern), Patrick Phelan (Heidelberg) and Geoff Ellis, Rick Djohan & Ian Shaw 42 pts, Alex Patton & Phill Dunning, Denis Gorman (Yarrawonga) and John Mason (Howlong) 41 pts. NTP’s - Tyler Arrowsmith 4th, John Taylor 18th.

Saturday, January 27

Ladies Federation Classic 4BBB: Winners - Jacquie Lawler & Tessa Merritt 43 pts. Runners up - Florence Hudson & Louise Holden 40 pts. Ball winners - Margaret Playford & Marg Tobin 39 pts, Caroline Patton & Sue Patton 37 pts. NTP - Louise Holden 4th.

Men’s Federation Classic 4BBB: Winners - Shaun Davidson (Neangar Park) and Phillip Davidson (Midlands) 47 pts. Runners up - Glen Rolton and Warren Hornsey 47 pts. Third - Robin Virant and Michael Love 46 pts. Ball winners - Mark Mooney (Northern) & Geoff Cox, Garry Zabenko and David Anderson 45 pts, Mal McLean and Paul Berryman, Benjamin Taylor & Phillip Turner 44 pts, Paul Bradford & Ross Lyndon, Andrew Scott and Robert Wiltshire 43 pts, Wayne Miller & Doug Ward 42 pts, Alex Patton and Phill Dunning, Mark Cook and Dennis Sandral 41 pts. NTP’s - Brett Baring 4th, Paul Berryman 27th. Hole in one - Trent Vonarx 21st (4 balls).

Sunday, January 28

Ladies Federation Classic 4BBB: Winners - Margaret Playford and Marg Tobin 43 pts. Runners up - Caroline Patton and Sue Patton 38 pts. Ball winners - Lee Lawther (Howlong) and Di Tyrell-Miller (Howlong) 43 pts. NTP - Marg Tobin 18th.

Men’s Federation Classic 4BBB: Winners - John Reinhart and Pat Trotter 42 pts. Runners up - Paul Triantafillou and Peter King Jnr 41 pts. Third - Graham Skinner and John Taylor 41 pts. Ball winners - Wayne Miller and Doug Ward, Mat McLean and Paul Berryman (Latrobe) 41 pts, Alex Patton and Phill Downing, Andrew Woodward and Neville King 40 pts, Frank Clifford (Amstel) and Ian Montgomery 39 pts. NTP’s - Tim Patton 27th, Pat Trotter 18th.

Ladies Federation Classic - 54 hole: Sue Patton and Carolyn Patton - 38+37+39 = 114. Louise Holden and Florence Hudson - 34+40+33 = 107. Lee Lawther and Di Tyrell-Miller (Howlong)- 32+35+35 = 102.

Men’s 54 hole: Michael Love and Robin Virant - 44+46+38 = 128. Geoff Cox and Mark Mooney - 44+45+37 = 126. Neville King and Andrew Woodward - 45+37+40 = 122. Phill Dunning and Alex Patton - 41+41+40 = 122. Warren Hornsey and Glen Rolton - 39+47+34 = 120. Ray Milne and Trent Vonarx - 38+40+37 = 115. Geoff Ellis and Pat Phelan - 42+37+36 = 115. Tim Patton and Nick Rolton - 39+4036 = 115. Des Fraser and Steve Carrick - 39+38+38 = 115. Rob Danby and Shane Turner - 40+38+36 = 114. And so after a three day battle we welcome our winners of this 54 hole 4BBB Championship Ladies - Sue Patton and Carolyn Patton - 114. Men’s - Michael Love and Robin Virant - 128. Well played and won, our congratulations to you all.

For your diary

Sidchrome Classic Golf Day – Saturday, February 3 - 3 ball Ambrose - shot gun start 12 noon for 12.30pm start, $45 a head (game and smorgasbord dinner), $10,000 in prizes included a hole in one prize of Sidchrom top chest roll cabinet with tools (value $4,000).

Pre-booking this event is essential.

Contact Rob at Pro Shop on 6033 2162.

So get in fast, this will fill quickly.

And now can we please help someone in the Riverina with cancer.

The club is putting on this event to do just that.

This will be on Sunday, February 18, entry plus food - $50 per person.

So how about getting your team of four together and get your entry in for this event.

We have helped lots of people before, so how about some poor person with cancer.

Sponsorship packages are available from $400.

For more information contact Lily at our Cancer Council NSW office or our own Pro Shop on 6033 2162.

Let’s fill this one up quickly - come on!

Happy Golfing

“The Bogeyman”

Howlong Golf

Monday, January 22

9 hole Medley Stableford: Winner - Julie Donovan 19 pts. Runner up - Heather Sarau 17 pts. Ball winners - Anne Clifford 16 pts, Margot Hudson15 pts.

Tuesday, January 23

Men’s Stableford: A grade winner - Michael Nicholson 38 pts c/b. A grade r/up - Kim Gray 38 pts c/b. B grade winner - Stan Ridley 39 pts c/b. B grade r/up - Mal Walter 39 pts. C grade winner - David Charles 42 pts. C grade r/up - Michael Slattery 40 pts. Ball winners - Neville Brown, Eddie Fah, Dev Knighton Don Eastick 38 pts, Stephen Martin, Graham Gould 37 pts, Gordon Sawyer, Kel Smith, Ray Reid, Peter Hastings 36 pts, Bruce Bengough, Bob Watson, Laurence Moylan, Kevin Argent, Ronald Fary 35 pts, Wendel Reitenbach, Jeffrey Mitchem, Paul Packham, Ian Weaver, Glenn Tomkins 34 pts, Tony Jelbart 33 pts. NTP’s - Neville Batt 2nd, Peter Donovan 5th, Morris Lauder 8th, Kel Smith 18th.

Ladies Stableford: A grade winner - Karie Lowe 39 pts c/b. A grade r/up - Di Tyrell-Miller 39 pts. Ball winner - Denise Livingstone 38 pts. NTP - Margaret Austin 5th.

Wednesday, January 24

Ladies Stableford: A grade winner - Janet Rogers 41 pts. A grade r/up - Jan Lang 38 pts. B grade winner - Susan Gibb 41 pts. B grade r/up - Maralyn Seddon 39 pts. Ball winners - Dot Reitenbach, Fran Anderson, Gail O’Halloran 38 pts, Anne Clifford, Eve Byatt, Amanda Arnot, Chris O’Toole, Alice Rasmussen 37 pts, Heather Sarau, Glenda Marshall 36 pts. NTP’s - Goldie Reid 2nd, Lee Nothrop 5th, Maralyn Seddon 8th, Beverley Coughlan 13th.

9 hole Medley Stableford: Winner - Gail Arthur 14 pts. Runner up - Frances Young 12 pts.

Thursday, January 25

Men’s Silvercolts Stableford: A grade winner - Wayne Degering 44 pts. A grade r/up - Chris Bird 41 pts. B grade winner - Peter Walsh 44 pts. B grade r/up - Phil Kamber 39 pts. C grade winner - John Simpson 42 pts c/b. C grade r/up - Noel Yewers 42 pts. Ball winners - Kevin Donovan 41 pts, Peter Redhead, John Kimber 40 pts, Ian Williams, Don Eastick, Brian Michalowsky, Stephen Sang, Andrew Locke, Tom Rilen 38 pts, John Arthur, Peter Revell, Tony Jelbart, Leigh Ashford, Peter Donovan 37 pts, Tom Johnson, Craig Aldridge, Peter Smith, Michael Hollis, Kim Gray 36 pts. NTP’s - Glen Shannon 2nd, Ian Rough 5th, Stephen Sang 8th, Thomas Larkins 18th.

Friday, January 26

Men’s 2 Person Ambrose: Overall winners - Mick Russell and Nathaniel Sariman 60.25. Runners up - Shane Rohrich and Matthew Bain 60.75. Third - John Purtell & Brandon Purtell 61.75. Fourth - John Kimber and Gary Dundas 62.75 c/b. Fifth - Ron Newman & Ian Williams 52.75 c/b. Ball winners - Daniel Krause and John Mentakis 62.75, Joshua Mann and Cliff Harmer 64, Steven Humphries and Adam Flynn 64.25, Russell Schmidt & Rob Forrest 65, Peter O’Keefe & Kevin Kerlin 65, Stephen Purcivall & Shane 65.25 c/b, Loran Hayward & Damien Morrison 65.25, Tom O’Halloran and Jack O’Halloran 65.5. NTP’s - Greg Allan 2nd, Aaron Hoskin 5th, Kevin Kerlin 8th, Shane Rohrich 17th.

Mixed 2 Person Ambrose: Winners - Madison Goswell & Greg Allan 55.75. Runners up - Peter Walsh and Julianne O’Reilly 62.5. Third - Paul Irvine & Shandell Eastwood 63.25. Ball winners - Alex Krause and Gail Krause 65, Melinda Blumoser and Wayne Hannan 65.75, Michael Pitt and Jennifer Pitt 66.25, Heather Briggs and Dalton Wegener 67.25, Jeanette Edwards and Mark Wegener 67.75 c/b, Chris Palmer and Heather Sarau 67.75.

NTP’s - Heather Briggs 2nd, Goldie Reid 5th.

Saturday, January 27

Men’s Stableford: A grade winner - Ray Reid 42 pts. A grade r/up - Martin Tobin 40 pts. B grade winner - David Stevens 40 pts. B grade r/up - Bob Watson 39 pts. C grade winner - Max Anderson 39 pts. C grade r/up - Michael Ursu 38 pts. Ball winners - Deon Van Der Merwe, Paul Purtell, Mick Kenna, Peter Stevens, Nathan Quinlivan, Stuart James, Zach Grubisa 39 pts, Ian Bain, Ian Charles Tony Davis, Wendel Reitenbach 38 pts, Nathan Schneider, Ian Williams, Robert Richardson, Trevor Schroeter, Andrew Neilson, David Robertson 37 pts, Tom Grubisa, Philip Trimble, Mal Walter, Patrick 36 pts, Bill Tomkins 35 pts. Eagle - David Stevens 11th. NTP’s - Nathan Schneider 2nd, Wazza Norton 5th, David Byrne 8th, Kevin Argent 18th.

Ladies Stableford: A grade winner - Fay Barnes 40 pts c/b. A grade r/up - Amanda Arnot 40 pts. Ball winners - Heather Sarau 39 pts, Diane I’Anson 38 pts, Susan Mitchell 36 pts. NTP - Fay Barnes 5th.

Sunday, January 28

Men’s Stableford: A grade winner - Andrew Neilson 41 pts c/b. A grade r/up - Kevin Harmer 41 pts.

Ball winners - Mathew Porter, Douglas Henderson 40 pts, Peter Reid, Gary Dundas, Cliff Harmer 39 pts, Alex Krause 37 pts, Ry Coleman, Peter Stevens, Graham Gould 36 pts. NTP’s - Peter Reid 2nd, Cliff Harmer 5th, Travis Merritt 8th, Alex Krause 18th.

Ladies Stableford: A grade winner - Melinda Blumoser 38 pts. A grade r/up - Glenda Hoskin 37 pts. Ball winner - Susan Wood 35 pts. NTP - Jan Lang 5th.

Rutherglen Golf Club

Wednesday, January 24

Stableford Results: Winner L Thatcher 37pts. Others M Vizjak 31pts, I Grimes 28 pts.

9 Hole Chook Run: Friday, January 26 Winners L Thatcher 19pts, N Monahan 19 pts, Ohers L Sullivan 16 pts, G Goodwin 16 pts. A Ward 16pts, G Pearce 15pts, J Harrison 14pts.

Open 12 Hole Stableford: Sunday, January 28 Winner G Hennessy 27pts, Runner up D Black 24pts Others N Dunstan23pts, L Thatcher 22pts, P Trimble 22pts, G Pearce 19 pts, G. Goodwin 18 pts. Coming Events:

Wednesday, January 31: Open Stableford.

Friday, February 2: Chook Run 9 Holes Stableford, Sunday, February 4: 12 Hole Stableford or Monthly Medal depends on forecasted temperature.

Check FB or Emails.

Note: Names for N.E Pennant to be noted on notice board.

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