Letters to the Editor

February 07, 2018

Water safety message

Following a recent article reminding us to be careful in and around our beautiful Murray River we, from the Corowa Common Trust Board, would like to remind everyone that rope swings over the water are a very dangerous activity.
Recently a rope swing was found in the McMillan area of the Common - almost opposite the Golf Club Motel.
A fence had been unfastened to enable easy access to the area, rubbish was found scattered all around and numerous saplings had been chopped down to enable a “run-up” for the swing.
In addition, complaints had been received about the number of cars and the high level of activity in the vicinity.  
The rope has now been cut, at a sufficient height, to dissuade any future use of the swing and when conditions change, the entire rope will be destroyed.
It should be mentioned that a huge log was found submerged just below the surface immediately below the swing path.
This log did have the potential to cause serious injury had someone landed on it during use of the swing.
A potential disaster averted, thankfully.

Kerryn Alexander
Corowa Common Trust Board

Consider the forgotten minority

With all the publicity the wave boat people are generating about their opposition to the proposed wave boat ban on the river between Corowa and the Ovens River.
Could you please consider the people who enjoy the quieter pleasures of the river, such as swimming, paddling, canoes, kayaks, fishing or just floating down the river on a tube.
We seem to be the forgotten minority.

Geoff Cofield

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