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February 07, 2018

Corowa Civic Bowls

Once again the weather has played a big part in our bowls program.

Midweek pennant - last week the heat rule had to be used and this week the rain caused games to be stopped - what a difference a week makes.

This Tuesday once again all teams are playing at home and with only three rounds to play before the finals we hope the weather will allow us to complete all games.

Wednesday social players enjoyed their games and after a fair bit of friendly rivalry the runners up were Mary Hopkins and Reg Crisfield and the winners were Steve Rodway and Ned Young.

Well done.

Weekend Pennant

A1’s made the trip to Wangaratta keen to consolidate their position in the top “2” on the ladder.

Despite the fact Civic eventually won 91/78 (2 rinks up and a tie), there were some anxious moments around the tea break when Civic were trailing by 6/7 shots and with 2 rinks down 3/18 and 6/22 respectively.

However Civic finished strongly on all rinks, in particular Tom Webb’s rink where he and his boys scored 19 shots on the last 7 consecutive ends to force a tie on 22/22.

Col Hendren picked up some late shots but still went down 14/28.

Max Scanlon’s rink was in control all day and finished up 27/17, whilst Dawn Hayman, who led 15/0 after 8 ends, went on to a comprehensive win 28/11.

A3’s hosted a strong Yarrawonga side who appeared very keen to firm up a finals berth.

It was a tight game for most part with Civic holding sway early but Yarra established superiority on the final 16 ends to run out comfortable winners 76/97.

Kevin Hoey’s rink was again to the fore and they led by a good margin all day to win 26/19.

Bill Docherty got off to a slow start but came home strongly scoring 8/1 on the last 6 ends but could not make up the early deficit and went down 14/21.

Lynton Ford’s rink got off to a great start but fell back to be level after 16 ends only to drop a nett 9 shots over the final ends to lose 18/27.

Mark Mills’ boys had a “nip and tuck” tussle against strong opposition but disaster struck over the final 5 ends to lose, disappointingly, at 18/30.

B2’s visited Corowa Services and were soundly beaten 53/94.

Hank Van Summeren went down 16/33, Rob Kilpatrick lost 22/30 and Margaret Watson’s rink got off to a bad start and could not recover sufficiently and went down 15/35.

B3’s hosted Beechworth, who are finalist contenders and a very close and exciting game ensured with the eventual result decided on the last bowl of the game, Civic going down 67/68.

Frank Abbs rink had the close one and hung on grimly to win 21/20.

Len Wilson’s rink led most of the day to win 24/16 whilst Judy Willett and co got away to a bad start and were unable to catch up going down 22/32.

Overall it was a good performance from the B3’s against finalist contenders.

State Singles Championship

The O & M again completed this event on Sunday and it was a big win for Civic star Tom Webb who defeated Tony Williams from Benalla in the final 25/6.

Tom now goes on to play for the State Title, to be played in Bendigo in April.

We all wish him well.

O & M Champion of Champions Event

Club champions for both men and ladies played out further rounds on Sunday and the finals of both men’s and ladies will be played at Civic on Sunday, February 11.

Play is scheduled to commence around 9.30am.

Next Saturday is the final pennant round for weekend bowls - at this stage it appears that Civic will be represented in finals by the A1 side only.

Details surrounding finals matches will be advised in due course.

Resting Toucher

Corowa Services Bowls

Leading the report this week is the result of the Ladies Triples Final.

Pam Lee (Skip), Anne Smith and Alma Muir defeated Suzie Swift, Gwen Austen and Judy Black in a convincing performance. Well played, ladies! 

Champion of Champions Finals

Ken Widdison won his Quarter Final match against Steve Flanagan of Tungamah in a very exciting match last Sunday at Civic.

Steve held Ken at bay for much of the game, however Ken rallied around half way to come back with a good win.

He wasn’t so lucky in the Semi Final against young Mason Bayliss of Beechworth.

Mason romped home with a 25-19 win.

Well done Ken on your achievement to get to that level. 

Also played at Civic on Sunday was the most prestigious event on the O&M calendar: the O&M Final of the Men’s State Singles.

We congratulate Thomas Webb from Civic, on his resounding win over Tony Williams of Benalla 25 -6.

Good luck Tom for your next round, at Bendigo, in the Vic State Finals. 

There were some great performances and some not so great in the pennant rounds.

Read on for the highs and lows.

While you’re reading, take note of some family couples across the sides who enjoyed Double Victories this week.

Of note: Peter and Anne Summerill, Suzie Swift and Ketch; Ed and Maxine Burton, Alma and David Muir, and father and son Troy and Hayden Brockley.  

Midweek Pennant Results (games played Tuesday, January 30).

Division A1 lost at Wodonga 38-77.

All rinks were down, and so the side remains 8th on the ladder.

The team played well, however, lost many holding shots at the hands of some pretty strong opposition skips.

Division A3 defeated Mytleford on our home turf. Well done team!

Here are your names in lights:

David Lewis’ rink with Alma Muir, Anne Smith and Maxine Burton (David the girls must have given you a free ride!): 14-12.

Brenton Ketchell’s rink with Judy Black, Roger Mathers, and Gwen Austen: 12-10.

Peter Summerill’s rink with Pam Lee, Margaret Barber and Berwyn Baddeley: 18-11. 

This team is now 5th on the ladder. Best of luck in the last week everyone.

Division B2 lost to Kiewa 39-59 on our home turf.

All rinks were down and the side is 8th on the ladder at time of this publication print.

It’s been a tough year.

Weekend Pennant Results

Division A2 came so close to a victory, finishing just 3 shots down at Benalla.

The final score 90-93 was down to the last end.

The team finished 2 rinks up and 2 down.

The winning rinks were:

Troy Brockley’s rink with Dom Carroll, Ted Hovard and Lorraine Carmody, on 33-19.

Peter Summerill’s rink with Larry Turner, Peter Browne, and Geoff Smethurst on 23-21.

Big losses to Ken Widdison’s (18-34) and Wayne Lee’s (16-29) rinks made it tough for the others to bring the team home to victory.

A2’s now sit very precariously in a 5th position, needing a couple of long shots in the last week this coming Saturday to get them back into finals contention.

Division A4 defeated Club Mulwala at home with a very convincing 107 - 89. What a win! They remain 6th on the ladder despite this win.

Here is the winning side:

Lance Davis skipped with Julie Holmquest, Les Pilfoot and Barry Warburton: 25-24.

Anne Summerill skipped with Roger Mathers, Peter Smith and David Muir: 26-21.

Suzie skipped with Hayden Brockley, Greg Dormer and Ed Burton: 29-26.

Brenton Ketchell skipped with Chris Reilley, Lex Thornton and Gordon Johnstone: 27-18.

Division B2: These quiet achievers are 3rd placed on the ladder and currently our only strong Finals hope after a defeat over Corowa Civic on our home ground.

This was a resounding winning score: 94 - 53.

Let’s hear it for this winning crew:

Stan McLarty (Skip), with Tony Coughlin, Ron Tidd and Peter Edwards: 30-22.

Berwyn Baddeley (Skip), with Luke Dutton, Anne Smith, Sam Nixon: 31-15.

Rob Ronnfeldt (Skip) with Alma Muir, Frank Gee and Allan Jones: 33-16. 

Keep it up everybody: we’re behind you all the way for next week’s game.

Division B3: Bright defeated Corowa Services 64 - 75, so the trip home was long and the 6 stubbie trip had mellowed most by the time they arrived back. 

Neale Bathols rink (with Wendy and Alan Robb, and Judy Black), were the only winners on the day, so great effort.

B3’s are currently 5th on the ladder. There’s still a chance...

Skippers Ladders: Here are the club’s skippers who are currently placed 8th or higher on their respective Division ladders:

1st place to Berwyn Baddeley’s rink - Weekend B2’s

4th place to Anne Summerill’s rink - Weekend A4’s

5th place to Brenton Ketchell’s rink - Midweek A3’s

6th place to Ken Widdison - Weekend A2’s 

7th place to Roly Nixon’s rink - Weekend B3’s

8th place to Neale Bathols rink - Weekend B3’s and also David Lewis’ rink - Midweek A3’s. 

This Saturday is the final week for Pennant.

Teams: there is a “End of Pennant” party planned for next Saturday after the games.

Keep your eyes peeled on the noticeboard at the club for more details.

It will be at the home of one of our players: keep the evening free.


Corowa RSL Indoor Bowls

Tuesday, January 30

Great to be back bowling after a long Christmas/New Year break, most of the bowlers were somewhat rusty and took a while to get going.

After a few ends and some colorful languish most found their true form and started to perform at a level that is acceptable, the runner-up team today on 30 points is, lead shared between S. Dudziak and D. Sander, second L. Roksandic, third D. Banks and the skip A. Smith, the winning team performed really well and had no holiday hangover with 36 points is, lead K. Pleming, third I. Dowsey and the skip G. Sander.

Friday, February 2

Another promising roll up of members, the teams performed well and the teams put in a much better performance that improved the moral and enjoyment of those competing, good to see the enthusiasm shown by our members, the runner-up team today with 25 points is, lead D. Chapman, third M. Pratt and the skip G. Sander, the winning team with 31 point is, lead L. Maffenbeier, third J. Wilson and the skip D. Roberts.

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