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February 14, 2018

Corowa Services Bowls

Important: there is a Corowa Services team (B2) in the elimination final this Saturday at Wangaratta against Benalla. Please try to attend to support the side.

The club is madly playing catchup matches in Men’s, Ladies and Mixed Pairs due to some weather and other induced delays to club competitions.

Keep an eye on the notice board for games and make sure to come down to the club to cheer those playing in the coming weeks.

We can announce that the Ladies Pairs final game will be between Kaz Hughes/Judy Black and Maree Jones/Laurie Way on a Sunday to be determined, once the Men’s results are known.

Weekend Pennant

The weekend pennant season has now ended for most of the divisions that Corowa Services played in this season: except one.

Our B2 Division has made it through to the elimination final to be played at Wangaratta this Saturday.

They finished 4th overall, despite a 2-shot loss at St James last Saturday.

Despite Berwyn Baddeley’s and Bob Ronnefeldt’s rinks being well up, Stan McLarty’s rink took a big loss 10-30 which kept the ledger red at the end of the day’s play.

A hearty congratulations, in particular, must go to Berwyn Baddeley’s rink with Luke Dutton, Sam Nixon and Anne Smith: you finished in 1st place on the Skipper’s Ladder for the B2 Division for the entire season.

What an achievement! And to be in the finals too!

In spite of a win this week (97 - 83 over Chiltern), the blows of 2 week’s of losses combined with heat twisted regional results after Christmas and has kept the A2 Division out of finals contention this season.

Happily, 5th position is a big step up from last season’s near-relegation result for the club’s top side. 

The team is to be congratulated on its improvement this season.

There are very good chances for next season to finish in a finals spot.

A4 Division stayed away from 8th on the ladder for the end of the season.

Many will be relieved that relegation has been held off for this season.

Finishing 7th overall, A4’s can proudly hang their hat on a second 7th position: that of Skipper’s ranking for Anne Summerill’s rink.

That’s a great achievement all of you! Well done to Anne.

Weekend B3 Division finished 6th this season after a loss last Saturday at YMGCR.

Special congratulations to Skips Neale Bathols and Roley Nixon who have achieved 7th and 8th positions on the division’s Skips Ladder.

Well done for avoiding 8th position...bigger and better next year.

Midweek Pennant

With two more weeks to go for midweek pennant, finals positions are not yet known. 

Last week Midweek Div A1 had an excellent win over YMGCR, on home ground.

This has them at 7th on the ladder as of Monday, February 12, up from 8th.

Congratulations on the comeback everyone and to the following winning rinks for last Tuesday’s match.

Lorraine Carmody aided by Ed Burton, Tony Barron and Lance Davis.

Robert Browne aided by Laurie Way, Maree Jones and Ted Hovard.

Last Tuesday, Corowa Services Midweek A3’s defeated Corowa Civic in a sometimes-controversial and very close match, and they were very glad to bring home the victory.

They finished just one-nail-biting-shot-up over Civic.

Special congratulations to the entire crew with all rinks winning.

The winning rinks for that day were: Peter Summerill skipping his rink comprising Pam Lee, Peter Watson and Berwyn Baddeley; Ketch Brenton skipping Judy Black, Roger Mathers and Gwen Austen, and also David Lewis skipping his all-girl crew Alma Muir, Anne Smith and Maxine Burton.

Victory must indeed have been sweet.

Placed 3rd on the ladder, at the time of writing this, the midweek A3’s are shaping up to be one of Services’ top performing teams.

Midweek Division B2 were sitting 8th on the ladder as of Monday, February 12.

All rinks went down to Corryong after a long bus trip, and hoped to be able to lift from last in the final couple of weeks. 


Corowa Civic Bowls

Midweek Pennant had some exciting games this week with mixed results.

One team up and two down with all teams playing at home.

Division 1 versus Wodonga - Ken Taylor filled a skipper’s position and played very well leading the rink to a 26/17 win, well done.

Both I Bilney and C. Hendren’s rinks found the opposition too strong and went down 21/34 and 16/34 respectively.

Division 3 played Corowa Services and what a great game this was with Civic going down by 6 shots.

G. Rowe’s rink went down 20/24.

g. McFarlane and B. Docherty went down by one shot each 18/19 and 27/28.

There was some very good bowling by both teams with the scores being close all game.

Well played by all.

Division 4 played Beechworth and had a very good win.

E. Hollingsworth’s rink unfortunately couldn’t match up and went down 18/34.

However J. Burgess and J. Wood’s rinks were able to hold on to clear wins 27/12 and 29/17.

A very good win by 11 shots on the day.

The Wednesday social players were a little light on numbers this week but F. Hicks and P. Bates were able to come out winners when scores were tallied up after a couple of games.

Weekend Pennant

A1’s hosted Benalla and a win was paramount, not only to their pennant aspirations but also to holding down the double chance.

Unfortunately Civic lost the game 82/102, 2 rinks up, and with Wodonga scoring a good win in their last game against Kiewa, Civic slipped to third position and lost the double chance.

As a result Civic will play YMGCR next weekend in a ‘cut throat’ final.

In the last round both Tom Webb and Dawn Hayman’s rinks had comfortable wins, being in control of their games all day.

Tom won 31/23 and Dawn scored 27/20.

However Col Hendren and his boys struggled all day, after a slow start being down 0/8 after 6 ends, and this proved the difference in the end result - 17/24.

Max Scanlon’s rink had a day they will be keen to forget, winning only 5 ends in going down heavily 7/35.

A3’s travelled to Wodonga where maximum points may have secured a place in the finals but this was not to be when they lost a closely fought game 91/97, 2 rinks up.

Civic lead for most of the game but trailed off toward the end.

Bill Docherty’s rink were in control throughout and scored a good win 27/17.

Likewise Lynton Ford, apart from a short lapse mid game held sway and finished off well to win 30/20.

Frank Martin’s rink started off well but after the 13th end they won only 1 and, and even though their opposition were only scoring singles they lost the lead on the 22nd end and went down 18/22.

Mark Mills had a very miserable finish to the season after keeping in touch for most of the game, after the 15th their stiff opposition scored 24 shots to 6 which resulted in an embarrassing score line at the end, 16/38.

The season is therefore over for the A3’s who finished the season with 6 wins in 5th position.

B2’s hosted neighbours Rutherglen and had a very successful day winning 89/56 with all 3 rinks up.

Steve Rodway’s rink had a strong win 30/14, allowing the opposition only 9 ends.

Likewise Margaret Watson was in command all day to score 31/18 and Ray McNulty scored consistently to win 28/24.

The B2’s finished the season in 7th place with 4 wins.

B3’s travelled to Chiltern only to lower their colours 62/81, 1 rink up.

Len Wilson was the star performer as they scored 25/17; Judy Willett’s rink had a close tussle all day to just fail 22/27, whilst Frank Abb’s would prefer to forget the day where they were allowed only 7 ends against stiff opposition, 15/37.

Throughout the season B3’s suffered many team changes due to unforeseen circumstances, but they won 3 games and finished 8th on the ladder.

Sunday saw the completion of the Champion of Champion (O & M) events.

In the ladies singles event between Kylie Whitehead (Wodonga) and Mary Tragardh (Yackandandah) the crowd of spectators were treated to some of the best bowling seen at Civic - Kylie Whitehead won by 6 shots but both ladies are to be congratulated on their excellent performance.

Peter McLarty and Kerry Leask won the mixed pairs title.

Members please note - support for our A1’s Saturday would be appreciated.

Venue for this game to be announced.

Sunday, February 18 is the club’s special 60 Club - a big attendance is expected.

Business house fours commence Wednesday, February 14 - some members to assist on the night will be welcomed, games start at 7pm.

The club is looking for bowlers who would like to make themselves available as reserve players for the forthcoming Australian Postal Institute commencing March 19 - please contact Brian Davies for details.

Dates to think about: Presentation Night Friday, April 20, 5.30pm, Annual General Meeting: Tuesday, April 24, 5.30pm.

Resting Toucher

Corowa RSL Indoor Bowls

Tuesday, February 6

Another successful day at indoor bowls, the attendances are up and the bowling is on the improve, today we witnessed some very good performances by members that are keen to improve their skills, the runner up team today with 23 points is, lead G. Monish, second D. Chapman, third L. Friedinger and the skip A. Smith, the winning team on 33 points is, lead P. Kerr, third D. Banks and the skip S. Jones.

Friday, February 9

The weather has been very hot and so has the bowling by some members.

Bowling indoors has a big benefit for members that find the hot and cold weather hard to deal with, the benefit being that indoor bowling is performed in air-conditioned comfort in the summer, so we are never exposed to the hot humid conditions, and so it was today hot outside cool and cosy inside.

Today’s runner up team with 23 points is, lead K. Culhane, third J. Wilson and the skip G. Sander, the winning team with 30 points performing well is, lead S. Jones, third M. Pratt, the skip W. Dowsey.

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