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March 15, 2018

Last say on Corowa Swimming Pool

This is my last word on the proposed Corowa Swimming Pool.  
Last week we visited the Australian Institute of Sport and as part of the tour we were shown their new swimming pool.
It is indoors and heated.
We were told this was to save them doing 3 or 4 laps to warm up.
Most interestingly though they seem to be following the lead of the Americans.
We were asked to note the two lots of starting blocks at one end.
We were told that one lot of blocks are moved to the centre making it a 25 metre pool.
This is to gain practice with starts and turns.
It is only opened to a 50 metre pool for time trials and water polo.
I note in Corowa Free Press the Corowa Swimming Club is still hell bent on pushing for an outdoor 50 metre pool, despite admitting that numbers have been declining consistently over the past five years with blame being levied at opening hours and shorter seasons as well as future uncertainty as to pool size.
I am sure the pool hours would be increased if patronage warranted it.
Lessees or managers can’t be expected to run at a loss.

Wendy Davis

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