Corowa Market report

March 28, 2018

Peter Dargan from Rodwells Wangaratta with Christine Peruzzo who sold 51 shorn lambs for $136.

Corowa Market held on Monday, March 26 with 11,738 lambs yarded an increase of 3,867 from previous market, 3,127 sheep yarded a decrease of 2,748.

There was a modest increase in lambs ahead of the Easter holiday period, however less sheep were yarded.
There were some stand out heavy lambs supplemented off grain, while quality in the lighter weights was generally plainer.
One agency did have a large run of store conditioned late season lambs sent from the Omeo area of East Gippsland.
The usual buying group attended, although one exporter didn’t purchase.
The market started very strongly before competition eased.
The price trend across the main runs of heavy trade and export lambs was cheaper, while there were some stronger sales of plain store lambs to the paddock.
Heavy export lambs sold to a top of $229, with most pens above 30kg cwt selling from $190 to $214/head.
The best presented heavy trade weight lambs sold from $154 to $174/head.
On a carcase basis, the bulk of the well finished slaughter lambs between 600c and 630c/kg cwt, with higher results for the pick of the medium weight domestic pens.
Merino lambs in high value skins received solid processor support and topped at $164/head.
Plain and light lambs varied from $59 to $125/head with local restockers purchasing mostly very small score 1 types.
Processor demand for mutton was very strong and price results across the main Merino runs were all dearer.
Heavy merino wethers in full wool sold to $185 while the heaviest ewes to $160/head.
There were a lot of small and mixed pens in the sheep offering which resulted in price variations on quality and numbers.
The general run of mutton was estimated between 430c and 480c, with some merino lines over 500c/kg cwt.

Corowa Top Results
Shorn Lambs
192    Stratherne Sth    Rennie    $229.20
61    K P Wolter    Rand    $214
71    WA Hicks P/L    Lowesdale    $214
156    Kentucky P/L    Corowa    $210
41    Kohlhagen F/T    Walla Walla    $210
80    PM & RD Nolan    Euroa    $202
87    M & D I’Anson    Burrumbuttock    $201
126    Marshall Nom    Berrigan    $200.60
169    D & L Spence    Springhurst    $194
50    R & P Padgett    Euroa    $192
156    G Twamley    Laceby    $185
53    JA & SE Constable    Devenish    $184
57    KE, GA & WG Hall    Burrumbuttock    $180
156    BM & G O’Keefe    Boorhaman    $174
75    PM & CF Weidner    Howlong    $173.20
156    Schoen Past Co    Corowa    $172
Merino Lambs
104    Nixon Part    Savernake    $164
123    Richard Marshall P/L    Berrigan    $149.60
134    L & T Burns    Burrumbuttock    $148
54    Cragdurrock Trust    Balldale    $143
124    KC & FF Lavis    Hopefield    $136.80
85    RG McCall & Sons    Daysdale    $155
XBred Ewes
11    M Dinning    Greta    $176.20
140    KJ & GJ Connelly     Benambra    $165.20
11    C & A Harrop    Peechelba    $165
63    ML & BL Chambers    Rutherglen    $155
Merino Sheep
204W    AF & EM Ranson    Byawatha    $185
142W    NR McKenzie & Son    Corowa    $185
125E    Yuluma Plains    Urana    $166
102E    Red Hill Herefords    Corowa    $160
13    S Kotzur    Henty    $141.20

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