Letters to the Editor

April 05, 2018

Human kindness restores faith

On Easter Saturday while going for my morning walk I took $200 out of the ATM in Corowa.
While I was walking my phone rang and I answered it and consequently I was distracted!
When I reached home, only around the corner I didn’t immediately check my money but a few hours later I did and it was gone.
I traced my steps back to where I had taken the call and there was $50 on the road, I thought this was my lucky day, but I couldn’t find anymore.
My husband suggested I contact the local police to see if the money had been handed in, and sure enough someone had gone to the trouble of taking it there and I was handed back my $150.
To whoever did this very kind act you have restored my faith in human kindness.
We are pensioners and I am writing this to the local paper so I can share something positive with you all.

S. Knight

Skate Park concern

I have been following with interest the Corowa Skateboard Park issue because of previous personal involvement and current family member involvement.
As far back as May 2017 a sum of $354,000.00 was available for the upgrading of the existing Skatepark in John Street.
This was unequivocal and Council were obviously aware of the protracted use of these funds, as they had very generously contributed $333,170.00 to the refurbishment project via the Stronger Communities Major Projects Fund for this purpose.
No mention was made of the intended relocation of the park, nor, I believe, had the Skatepark Committee been advised or consulted regarding this intention.
It must be of concern therefore to the rate payers of Federation Council that consultants have been hired to seek out alternative sites for the relocation of the Skatepark when it is most obviously not necessary.
Why then is Federation Council still procrastinating over something that was agreed to nearly twelve months ago?

John Moran

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