Corowa Clay Target

May 02, 2018

Ern, Greg and Colin waiting to shoot

(L to R) Ross Liersch, Daryl Hunt, Royce Wojtowyez, Allan Cooper, Jacqui Wemyss, Ian Cooksey, Bob Glossop, Ron Gulliver, Ray Gamble and Geoff Coombes. Seated (L to R) Ern Wemyss, Jo Ford, Hannah Wojtowyez, Vicki Coombes.

Numbers were down from previous months partly due to the recent National and International Competitions held at Wagga Wagga. 

We had 5 full squads and the competition was fierce. 

Event 1 - 10 target continental eye opener saw 13 shooters split the prize money. 

Event 2 was a 50 target continental double barrel with the eventual Overall winner and AA grade winner Daryl Hunt 92/92, 2nd Royce Wojtowyez 91/92, 1st A grade Ray Gamble 49/50, 2nd Greg Ganning 48/50, 1st B grade Ian Cooksey 48/50, 2nd Jacqui Wemyss 45/50, 1st C grade Geoff Coombes 44/50, 2nd Vicki Coombes 39/50. 

Event 3 was supposed to be a 30 target double barrel event but after a long shoot off the eventual Overall winner shot 158/158. 

Ross Liersch also took out 1st in AA grade with 2nd going to David Pearce 157/158, 1st A grade Allen Cole 44/45, 2nd Bob Glossop 42/43, 1st B grade Ern Wemyss 29/31, 2nd Ron Gulliver 28/31, 1st C grade Vicki Coombes 28/30, 2nd Geoff Coombes 28/30. 

Overall high gun Daryl Hunt 90/90, Veterans Allan Cooper 128/128, Ladies Jo Ford 83/90 and Juniors Hannah Wojtowyez.

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