Soccer and ping pong pursuits

By Robert Muir

Federation Youth Council is to continue investigating the option for a soccer field in Corowa and a steel-structured ping pong table at Lowe Square Howlong.

Youth Mayor Dylan Forge addressed Federation Council’s monthly meeting on December 18 about the youth council’s progress in 2018 and future aspirations.

Much has been undertaken by the youth council’s six members who also include deputy mayor Olivia Hughes, Tyler Martin, Liam Summons, Noah Little and Caitlyn Moir.

A SWOT analysis on the needs of youth was carried out, forming the basis for all initiatives in their 12-month term.

“The youth councillors have been able to provide invaluable feedback to council over the eight months including feedback on the Community Strategic Plan and retaining youth in the local government area,” Federation Council’s director corporate and community services Kristy Kay said.

“Members represent young people on the Corowa Skate Park Steering Committee and the Corowa Swimming Pool Steering Committee.”

Members ran ‘Flicks in the Sticks’, a drought relief movie night in Oaklands in November and another drought relief movie night is imminent, in Corowa.

The ‘CommUNITY Piano’ is also an initiative of the Youth Council, for people to see each other and come together without prejudice.

“It has seen the group work with local business and the community to secure a piano,” Ms Kay said. “It is being painted by eight Year 10 girls from Corowa High School who are working with local Indigenous artist Iris Troutman.”

The piano will be released into the community as a street piano. Federation Youth Council is seeking local businesses to adopt the piano, which will be on wheels, and become a piano partner.

Councillors showed plenty of interest in what Dylan, and the two other youth members present, Noah and Caitlin, had to say at the full Federation Council meeting, asking questions and seeking additional information.    

The Youth Mayor said no significant costs are envisaged with the soccer pursuits, other than possible equipment and insurance. The trio was complimented on their impressive presentation by councillors.

The Youth Council is looking forward to planning an event/activity for Youth Week, which runs from April 10 to 18.