Corowa Bowls results

By Corowa Free Press

Corowa Civic Bowls

Midweek Pennant

Division A1 27/54 – played YMGCR at home. This was a rain shortened game but YMGCR proved too strong on the day with all rinks down when rain stopped play for the day. Better luck next week.

Division Ad 55/67 – travelled to Wangaratta. Rain delayed the start of the game but Wangaratta played well in the conditions. S. Rodway held onto a six-shot win however M. Watson and B. Docherty were unable to match their opponents.

Division B2 85/62 – played at Wodonga where they had a very good win. R. McNulty’s rink went down by eight, J. Willett won by three and D. Wood’s rink bowled very well to finish 28 shots in front to set up a winning result for the team. Well played.

Weekend Pennant

Division A1 90/87 – travelled to YMGCR. This was a hard day with only one winning rink.

D. Webb, C. Hendren and K. Webb were not able to match their opposition however the team was saved by T. Webb’s rink with an excellent 27-shot win. Well played.

Division A3 76/93 – played host to Bright. K. Taylor, B. Docherty and G. McIntosh’s rinks found their opponents playing very well and unable to match them on the day. T. Hynes’s rink was able to hold onto an eight-shot win to give them a one-rink victory.

Division B2 68/70 – played Yarrawonga at home. It was a close game all day, R. McNulty’s rink went down by eight shots, B. Corcoran and J. Willett’s rinks held onto two and four-shot wins but just not enough to win overall. Good game.

Division B5 47/86 – travelled to Mulwala. This game proved Mulwala’s position on top on the ladder.

R. Kilpatrick’s rink played very well to finish nine shots up but S. Curtis and D. Castle’s rinks were outplayed on the day. This was the last round of weekend pennant and finals begin next week.

Civics’ division five team finished in third position and will play in the finals. We wish them good luck and good bowling next week.

The Champion of Champions finals are in progress. Thomas Webb will play Ken Widdison next Sunday to decide the men’s champion. Kylie Whitehead and Sharon Warfe played the ladies final. It was a good game but with a fine exhibition of draw bowling Kylie was a clear winner.

Well played Sharon, congratulations Kylie O & M Ladies Champion. Business Houses Fours start on Wednesday, good bowling to all, it’s a great night. See you on the Green.

Corowa RSL Bowls

Midweek pennant, Tuesday, February 5 

A1: Corowa RSL 55 def by Benalla 89. Best rink – Ed Burton, Irene Biggs, Norm Carmody, Lorraine Carmody 19/25. 

A3: Corowa RSL 71 def Benalla 69. Best rink – Peter Watson, Emily Manley, Keith Mills, Peter Summerill 32/14. 

B2: Corowa RSL 76 drew with Myrtleford 76. Best rink – Rhonda Clark, Don MacQueen, Janet Davis, Roger Mathers 27/25. 

Midweek Pennant will complete the season with their last game on Tuesday, February 12.

Weekend pennant, Saturday, February 9

A2: Corowa RSL 116 def Moira 72. Best rink – Dominic Carroll, Peter Summerill, James Walker, Josh Thornton 39/13.  

A4: Corowa RSL 89 def Wangaratta 85. Best rink – Ed Burton, Ted Hovard, Barry Warburton, John Hovard 29/20.   

B2: Corowa RSL 52 def by Club Mulwala 77. Best rink – Jeff Nixon, Judith Black, Geoff Smethurst,  Andy Dickens 23/22.  

B5: Corowa RSL 74 def Swanpool 58. Best rink – Hayden Brockley, Luke Dutton, Frank Gee, Allan Jones 34/9. 

Following Saturday’s last game of the Weekend Pennant a BBQ was held at the clubrooms and was attended by 70-plus members and partners which ensured that a good time was had celebrating that all four sides will be playing in the finals commencing on Saturday, February 16. 

Congratulations to the selectors for a job well done and to all members who played throughout the season. The finals venues will be announced by the Ovens & Murray Pennant Committee during this week. Good bowling to all players in the finals.

Men’s 100 up Handicap, Sunday, February 10: Jeff Nixon def Dave Muir, Andy Dickens def Greg Dormer, Keith Mills def Peter Smith. 

Well done to the winners.

Ovens and Murray Men’s Champion of Champions, Sunday, February 10: Semi Final: Ken Widdison Corowa RSL def Sam Widdop Rutherglen 25/22. 

The final will be played between Ken Widdison Corowa RSL and Thomas Webb Corowa Civic on Sunday, February 17 commencing at 9.30am at the Corowa Civic Bowls Club. 

Congratulations to Ken on reaching the final and good bowling. Also, we would like to see as many members as possible get along and support Ken on the day.

Corowa Indoor Bowls

We had a good attendance on Tuesday with three mats down and our winners on two wins of 17 and 16 were Lyn Friedinger, Joe Wilson and Gus Sander. Runners up also on two wins of 16 and 17, but edged into second spot, were Sandra Dudziak, Dave Chapman and Joan Catlin.

Friday saw us with 25 players on three mats. The winners on two wins of 16 and 17 were Sandra Dudziak, Peter Manning Anne Smith (some brilliant shots there Anne), and skipped by Joe Wilson.   Runners up on a draw and a win of 14 and 15 were Arther Kurchival, Geraldine Monish, Daphne Banks and Dave Chapman.