Corowa market report

By Corowa Free Press

Numbers lifted by approximately 4,000 head at Corowa’s market on Monday, September 9.

 The extra yarding was predominantly made up of new season lambs with some increased weight amongst them. 

Old lambs decreased in numbers, however, there was still some excellent supplementary fed export lambs offered liked by the processors. 

With 11,510 lambs yarded in total it was an increase of 2,760 from the previous week.  There were also 5,855 sheep yarded with an increase of 1,345.

A good selection of mutton was available with again some very heavy Merinos and crossbred ewes available. The regular field of buyers were present along with lotfeeders operating.

The fresh offering of new season lambs sold in a firm to better market. Light and medium weights sold firm to $6 better making between $157 and $191/head. 

The heavy trade weights were firm making between $190 to $209/head, averaging 832c/kg cwt. Bidding intensified with all processors competing in the heavy lambs resulting in a lift of $2 in places selling between $205 and $225/head. Heavy export types were bigger and resulted in prices lifting up to $10 making between $228 and $265/head, working out between 816c and 834c/kg cwt. New

season light lambs to the processor sold between $116 and $148/head. Feedlots were taking home lambs between 19kg and 21kg, between $156 and $177/head.

Processors were a little pickier throughout the shorn lamb categories with prices easing up to $10/head. Heavy trade lambs slid $4 making between $174 to $203/head, averaging 773c/kg cwt. Heavy export lambs sold to solid demand making between $213 and $290/head to average between 805c and 812c/kg cwt.

Excellent numbers continue of mixed quality mutton with some good weight offered again, however, taking a loss of $10 to $20/head. Well finished heavy 4 score crossbred ewes made between $130 to $186/head, to average 533c/kg cwt. The 4 score Merino ewes reached $180/head to average 535c/kg cwt. The 2 and 3 score ewes sold between $100 and $130/head.