NBN to replace services in Howlong

By Corowa Free Press

As part of the upgrade of telecommunications infrastructure in Howlong, the NBN access network will soon replace most phone and internet services in the area. 

From Friday, October 11, most existing landline phone and internet services in the area will be replaced by services over the NBN access network. 

Services provided over non-NBN fibre networks, and some business and special services will not be impacted by the transition.  

More than 1,270 homes and businesses in Howlong have been able to place an order for services over the NBN access network for around 18 months, however some residents have yet to make the switch. 

Residents and business owners are encouraged to contact their phone and internet service provider to find out if their services are at risk of disconnection. They should also talk to their preferred phone and internet provider about a plan that meets their specific speed and data usage needs, as well as any special equipment operating on their current landline connection including medical and security alarms.

Most critical business services that operate on existing landline phone and internet services, like EFTPOS terminals and fire alarms, may be subject to disconnection. Businesses with affected services are encouraged to migrate to the NBN  access network to minimise disruption to their operations. # 

Head of NBN Local for NSW and Queensland, Ryan Williams, said:  “While many homes and businesses in Howlong have already made the switch to a service over the NBN access network, this is the final stage of the transition to the NBN access network and brings the community closer to fully embracing the benefits of fast broadband.

“It’s particularly important for anyone with a medical alarm, auto-dialler or emergency call button to register these devices on NBN Co’s Medical Alarm. Some devices may not be compatible with the NBN access network so if you or a loved one have a medical device, speak to the device provider and your phone and internet provider as soon as possible to seek further guidance.

“We encourage any local businesses that are affected and that are yet to switch to contact their preferred phone and internet service provider well in advance of the switch-off date to ensure you allow plenty of time to manage the migration of any business services or devices.

 “It’s worth noting, the copper network within NBN Fixed Wireless and Sky Muster Satellite areas will not be switched off. 

Homes and businesses within these areas will have the choice to keep their existing service over the existing copper network active or switch over to a VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service on the NBN access network. You might choose to keep the existing copper service active for emergency communications. If you’re not sure whether this impacts you, speak to your current phone and internet provider.” 

With more than ten million Australian homes and businesses now able to connect to the NBN access network, NBN Co is on track to complete the network build in 2020. 

  Visit NBN Co’s website to find out more about making the switch.