Miki City Student visits Corowa

By Corowa Free Press

Following the recent Miki City Student exchange program to Japan in October, Japanese student Rin Okumura has travelled to Australia to visit her Host Sister, Rebecca Upton.

Federation Council Mayor, Cr Pat Bourke said council has a sister city relationship with Miki City which provides students with the opportunity to visit Japan for a 10 day local homestay which they did in October 2019.

“The strong relationship between the two cities continues to grow, and is now into its 21st year,” Mayor Bourke said. 

The last visit to Japan in 2019 by the Federation Delegation, represented in total, fifteen cultural exchanges involving 100+ students and 46+ adult chaperones. We look forward to welcoming the Miki City delegation again back to our area in 2021.

“Rebecca (Bec) Upton was one of the six students who travelled to Japan, and Bec was hosted by the Okumura family. Bec and Rin quickly developed a strong bond and have stayed in regular contact via Snapchat. It is great to see this relationship develop further with Rin’s visit to Australia,” he said.

It was Rin’s first visit to Australia. Whilst visiting Australia during January, Rin has stayed with Bec and family at the Bindaree Caravan Park.
Rin said Australia enjoyed experiencing a country much different to Japan.

“Japan is 7 degrees at the moment, so it is very cold, and it has been very hot here in Australia,” she said. 

“When I arrived, my flight was meant to fly into Albury, however, due to the bushfires it was diverted to Wagga Wagga. 

“I have enjoyed my visit to Australia, particularly the Melbourne Zoo and shopping, the ice cream’s at the gelati shop in Rutherglen and the boat ride on the Murray River.”

Federation Council wish Rin safe travels and hope to welcome many more Miki City families and students in the future.
Further information about the Cultural Exchange Program is available from Council’s website