Resealing the right way – engineer

By Robert Muir

Federation Council’s resealing of some rural roads over gravel is to hold the road together and is not an expensive practice.

Council’s director engineering services Steve Carmichael was answering a question from Cr Fred Longmire at council’s monthly meeting on January 28.

“I’ve noticed resealing of roads, particularly an old one from Federation Way to the Hopefield Silo,” Cr Longmire said. “Why are we resealing some roads? People are asking me ‘why are we resealing?’.”

“We’re just trying to hold them together,” Mr Carmichael, who said he was happy with the seal, responded.

 “We put the reseal on and we can do it quite inexpensively at $4 a square metre and increase their life quite dramatically.

“We haven’t got the money to rehabilitate. We’d need an injection of millions of dollars. Council is concentrating on their strategies to keep them together.”

Council’s strategy of the type of roadworks always takes into consideration the volume of road traffic and routes, especially to get grain to silos Mr Carmichael said.