Cobram tops in crime across shire

Not a good look: Cobram had the most criminal incidents in Moira Shire as the area recorded a 9.2 per cent increase in family incidents in the year ended March 2022. Photo by Rodney Braithwaite

Crime data released on June 16 has revealed Cobram has the highest amount of criminal incidents in Moira Shire, according to data released by the Crime Statistics Agency on June 16.

It had 478 incidents, 133 ahead of Yarrawonga which had 345 incidents. Numurkah followed with 323 occurrences, while Strathmerton and Nathalia had just 50 and 49 respectively.

Nurmurkah, Strathmerton and Yarrawonga all saw increases in total incidents.

However, Moira Shire as a whole saw a 3.5 per cent drop in overall crime, from 1630 criminal incidents in 2021 to 1573 to the year ended March 2022.

This gives the area a criminal rate of 5218.4 per 100,000 people, compared to the Victorian average rate of 5142 per 100,000.

Of these incidents, 45.6 per cent had charges laid and 18.1 per cent had no charges laid, while 36.3 per cent remained unsolved.

Spike: Family violence in Moira Shire jumped by 9.2 per cent compared to the same time last year. image: Crime Statistics Agency Photo by Contributed

However, there was a sharp 9.2 per cent jump in family incidents, including family violence, from 466 in 2021 to 509 in 2022.

Women aged 25-34 years old were the most likely to be affected, followed by men and women aged 45-54 and 35-44; 125 men were recorded as the affected family members.

Other parties, or the other person involved in an occurrence, in family incidents were disproportionally men, with 399 recorded compared to 110 women. They were also most likely to be aged between 35 and 44 with 152 people recorded in this age group.

Across Moira Shire, the most common principal offence subgroup was a breach of family violence order with 171 offences, exactly level with last year’s figure.

An overview of criminal incidents in Moira Shire as of the year ended March 2022. Photo by Contributed

Offence numbers in the “other theft” category increased from 138 incidents last year to 153 incidents this year.

Breach of bail condition incidents were up from last year by 10 incidents, with a total of 87 occurrences.

On the other hand, criminal damage incidents and stealing from motor vehicles were down to 118 and 82 incidents respectively.

Moira Shire as a whole saw a 7.7 per cent drop in total offences recorded from 2327 incidents in 2021 to 2147 in 2022.

Just over half (55.8 per cent) of offences recorded resulted in an arrest or summons and 29.6 per cent were unsolved; the remaining 14.6 per cent had other investigation statuses.