Spirit of CFA Award for Kevin Atteridge

Springhurst firefighter Kevin Atteridge pictured with CFA Deputy Chief Officer Garry Cook in 2016.

Springhurst Fire Brigade’s Kevin Atteridge has won the 2020 Spirit of CFA Seniors Award at this year’s ceremony.

Mr Atteridge was a former Captain of Springhurst Brigade (District 23) and Rutherglen Group Officer.

He joined the CFA in 1966, while working as an apprentice motorcycle mechanic, after the brigaderequested his assistance one day.

Mr Atteridge said winning the award was a huge surprise.

“I never expected to win an award like this, it’s an incredible honour,” he said.

He also expressed his gratitude to his wife Lynette and said he “wouldn’t have achieved anything without her”.

Mr Atteridge said the greatest part about being a part of the CFA was the people.

“I’ve been joined by so many great people around me at the CFA and it’s a massive team effort to achieve what we do,” he said.

CFA Community Risk Program Adviser Craig Hearson nominated Mr Atteridge for his continued and widespread involvement withing various CFA committees including District Planning, State Rural Championships and Region OH&S committees.

“Kevin is a leader within CFA and his community. He undertakes everything with a selfless enthusiasm and a focus on the benefit he can deliver to his community,” Mr Hearson said.

“He has been a member at Springhurst brigade for 50 years, holding a brigade officer role for over 38 years and a group representative for 14 years.

“Kevin has devoted a large amount of time to CFA during this period.

“During Kevin’s time as group officer, he was active in major fires across the state, including the 2004, 2006 and 2009 fires, along with the implementation of mandatory wildfire Minimum Skills training.”

Mr Atteridge remains a leader in the CFA community and is passionate about the development of the people who have followed him.

“He has been a longstanding fire brigade captain and group officer and he continues to devote his time to the local community by maintaining an active involvement with Springhurst brigade, CFA Rural Fire Brigade Championships, Volunteer Fire Brigades Victoria and the CFA Junior Program.”

The brigade will make arrangements for Mr Atteridge to accept his award locally, as he was unable to travel to Ballarat for the awards ceremony.