Corowa, AU
July 15, 2024
scattered clouds
Wind: 11 Km/h

Rechelle Zammit

Rechelle is a Cadet Photographer at McPherson Media Group. So far, her favourite things to photograph are the assortment of pets for the Shepparton News Pet Page. In her free time, you’ll see Rechelle at Rock n Roll twisting and spinning the night away or playing the viola in the local GV Orchestra. Rechelle also enjoys spending time with her grandfather Charlie, driving Miniature trains at Elmore, Wodonga, or Euroa. Her favourite sports to watch isn’t your typical football game. Instead, she enjoys watching Top Fuel Dragsters as there’s nothing in the world that compares to the sound produced by supercharged methanol or nitromethane dragster engines. Rechelle has a younger sister named Phoebe who is 14 years old, who she enjoys watching YouTube and beating her at a game of UNO with. Lastly Rechelle enjoys riding souped-up Postie Bikes with her Dad. She may not be the best Postie Bike Rider, but she enjoys every minute.