Corowa Rutherglen Netball

By Corowa Free Press

A Grade

Corowa Rutherglen 38 def 

Wodonga Raiders 34

The girls knew this would be a tough game against fourth placed Raiders. 

They got an early first quarter lead of three goals but a sensational second quarter had the Roos back with a three goal lead maintaining this to take the eventual win. 

Awards –

Sullivans Hair & Beauty & Club 1 – Ella Kingston – Rip Snorter of a game this youngster dominated with speed and acceleration. She delivered beautifully into the ring and was solid on the transition.  

Club 2 – Brooke Bice – Amazing through the centre, this Pocket Rocket adjusted to the opposition and excelled in her position.    

“D’Amicos” Award – Sophie Hanrahan – Intercept after intercept, Sophie continues to provide the team with a plentiful amount of opportunities. 

Canteen Award – Jenni Barrett – Multiple players on Saturday Jen adjusted quickly, worked on her individual goals and pressured over the shot.

Canteen Award  – Jess Bice – After a positive week at training, Jess put into play what we practiced and set the attack end up for success.

B Grade

Corowa Rutherglen 42 def 

Wodonga Raiders 26 

The B Grade Roo girls got the jump on this team and kept elevating the score at each interchange. 

A little scrappy however the girls maintained their composure, worked the ball and defensively were 100% on song. 

Awards –

Sullivans Hair & Beauty – Olivia Barber – Athleticism was the key on Saturday, Liv’s aerial ability dominated over the Raider’s defender’s defenders and shot at 76%.

Club 1 – Georgie Bruce – Great defensive game – ‘evergreen’ player who shows that there is no point leaving anything to chance and contested every ball. 

 Club 2 ‘Origin Clothing’ Award – Eloise Maddox – This girl is just so consistent, every week puts her all in and worked solidly on 10 fingers to the ball.

 ‘Sportspower’ Award – Zali Spencer – Proven many times she can play anywhere, anytime, Zali played attack, mid-court and defence convincingly.   

Canteen award  – Imogen Taylor – Came on in the second half and put her signature moves to the test, setting many screens.  

C Grade

Corowa Rutherglen 40 def 

Wodonga Raiders 36

A tough game for C grade this week. 

Raiders are not to be taken lightly, the girls had to overcome some tough and physical opposition as well as play through many unforced errors of their own to bring home a win.

Awards –

Sullivans Hair & Beauty & Club  2 – Cath Wood – Cath brought lots of talk to the ring and brought some structure to the attack end.

Club 1 & Players Player – Courtney Haigh  -Courtney placed a lot of defensive pressure on the shooters in the ring, rebounding and intercepting the ball a number of times each quarter.

‘Perfection’ Award - Amy Monte – Amy shot at 71% this week and continues to impress with her rebounding, all the girls have confidence in her ability to pull in any pass to her in the ring!

Canteen award – Jess King – Jess moved well with Amy in the ring and showed true team spirit in the last quarter making a tough call!

Under 16

Corowa Rutherglen 33 def by 

Wodonga Raiders 60

Quote of the game by our Primary Carer – “Go Crows” 

Awards –

Sullivans Hair & Beauty & Club  1 – Ava Cofield – Strong presence in the ring. Great movement especially with having two defenders. Another great game with positive talk and high shooting percentage.

Club  2 – Ella Morley – Great rebounding and deflects when the ball was entering the ring. 

”DOCS Award” – Lily Hanrahan – Great trust with passes into the ring. Always gives an option to the ball and is a mature head on the court.  

Canteen Award – Bec Upton – Kept her opponent quiet while supporting the ring defenders. Was a great strong link on the turnover.