Corowa Civic Bowls Club

Ladies Singles Championship winner Kaz Hughes.

The final of the Ladies Singles Championship was played on Thursday, between Kaz Hughes and Annette Norman. The game started very evenly for the first few ends, but after Annette losing a 4 on one end, Kaz was able to surge ahead playing very tightly. Both players were putting down great shots, Kaz with more experience was able to keep in front winning the day 25-8. Congratulations Kaz on a great win.

Midweek Pennant – Round 4

A2 travelled to Wodonga and lost their game, A3 were home to Wodonga and had a win, B1 had their long journey to Swanpool and were soundly defeated.

A2 Corowa Civic 53 defeated by Wodonga 66

John White, Alex Martin, George Tobias, Annette Norman 17-28

Graeme McIntosh, Steve Rodway, Kaz Hughes, Brian Shipcott 15-16

Ian Bilney, Allen Barlett, Frank Hicks, Eileen Ide 21-22

A3 Corowa Civic 59 defeated Wodonga 53

Lyn Pyke, Fred Robinson, Pam Tobias, Arthur Kercheval 17-22

Sue Curtis, Marie Lewsey, Haydn Elliot, Brian McCarthy 16-17

Col Hendren, Maureen Hutson, Sue Dawson, Margaret Watson 26-14

B1 Corowa Civic 43 lost to Swanpool 75

Joan Wood, Ken Taylor, Bob Kilpatrick, Jan Wandel-Webber 14-29

Doug Castles, Ned Young, Don Norman, Reg Moloney 16-21

Peter Howell, Ross Ewison, Lynne Ewison, Jeff Smith 13-25

Weekend Pennant – Round 5

A2 Corowa Civic had a good win at Benalla A4 were at home against Swanpool for a lost, B3 also had a lost to Club Mulwala

A2 Corowa Civic 80 defeated Benalla 60

Ian Lewis, Brent Corcoran, Alex Martin, Adam Corcoran 19-15

Col Hendren, Kaz Hughes, Eileen Ide, Allen Bartlett 22-12

John White, George Tobias, Judy Willett, Brian Shipcott 14-21

Ian Bilney, Graeme McIntosh, Peter Rich, Wayne Mills 25-12

A4 Corowa Civic 74 defeated by Swanpool 93

Ken Maddy, Colin Webb, Sue Dawson, Donald Norman 14-28

Steve Rodway, Frank Hicks, Margaret Watson, Arthur Kercheval 28-16

Bruce Corcoran, Fred Robinson, Keith Little, Ken Taylor 17-23

Mark Mills, Pam Tobias, Geoff Smethurst, Richard Keith 15-26

B3 Corowa Civic 54 lost to Club Mulwala 59

Peter Howell, Ned Young, Ross Ewison, Brendon Leach 19-20

Joan Wood, Maree Lewis, Haydn Elliot, Lynne Ewison 15-19

Maureen Hutson, Doug Castles, Jan Wandel-Webber, John Curtis 20-20

On Sunday Civic held their Christmas Special Day consisting of social bowls in the morning followed by a lovely lunch. The day was in honour of the late Brian Davies, a big thank you to Margery and her family for supplying the lovely hampers which were prizes for the day. The winners of the hampers – Ian Bilney, Lyn Turner, Margaret Taylor and Mrs Graham Barry. Bowls winners were – Ian Lewis, Margaret Watson and Don Norman - Runners-up Arthur Kercheval, Ned Young and Bruce Corcoran. A big thank you to the catering committee for organising the great meal.

This week is the last week of pennant for both Midweek and Weekend before having a break for Christmas. Midweek will start back on January 11, and Weekend A2 will have a twilight game on Friday, January 14 and both A4 and B3 will resume on Saturday, January 15.