Howlong secures $204,000 grant

A swing in the right direction! Member for Albury Justin Clancy announced a $204,000 grant for Howlong Golf Resort last Thursday much to the delight of members.

Howlong Golf Resort is set to become the premier golf practice location in the region thanks to $204,000 funding from the NSW state government to install a fully fitted undercover 8 bay driving range.

The new facilities will include a TrackMan which reads club and ball data by the changing frequency of microwaves reflected off the club and ball, recording critical data, including club path and speed, attack angle and more.

The funding will also include a ball pick up machine, automatic ball dispenser machine and new toilet facilities for the club.

Member for Albury Justin Clancy paid a visit to the course last Thursday and highlighted the importance of female participation in sport.

“Howlong Golf Club has always had a strong reputation and the club has continued to prove a need and want to move forward,” Mr Clancy said.

“Women’s participation in sport is something that is important to me, the biggest area of growth is in female participation.

“We want to continue to create places where families want to live and be part of the community. It’s wonderful to see the next step forward for Howlong Golf Club.

Howlong Golf Resort General Manager Shaun Whitechurch said the funding will not only benefit club members and guests but also increase female participation in golf.

“The Howlong Golf Resort is thrilled to be able to offer these world-class facilities in the not-too-distant future,” Mr Whitechurch told the Free Press.

“We want to continue to look after our members and guests but also provide a great place for women to come together to learn and improve their golf skills.

“These facilities will enable club members and guests access to the latest trackman technology for golf tuition, creating another 1.5 jobs.”

“All in all, the funding will only further enhance our renowned 18-hole golf course, one of the finest destination golf courses in the Federation shire.

Howling Golf Resort general manager Shaun Whitechurch, president David Horton and director Robert Murray proudly show off the award winning course to Member for Albury Justin Clancy.

“We thank Justin Clancy for his support and the state government for allocating this funding to our club.”

The funding for Howlong Golf Resort was thanks to Round 4 of the Stronger Country Communities Fund. Since 2017, the Stronger Country Communities Fund has provided $500 million for more than 1,900 local projects that make regional communities even better places to call home.

The Stronger Country Communities Fund continues to deliver grassroots projects that reinvigorate our rural communities in every single Local Government Area in regional NSW.