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Home of the Murray Cod

By local fishing guru Tony BennettDecember 1 has come and gone and with that came the opening to a new Cod season. Where else would you wish to be tempting the iconic Murray Cod than at “the home of the Murray Cod” - Lake Mulwala.As the new season has just opened, it’s time to get motivated and get out amongst them. The Murray Cod have been given a fair spell over the past 18 months thanks to “Covid” so hopefully they are up and about willing to play the game. Along with the mighty Murray Cod, anglers are also in with a chance of crossing paths with Golden Perch / Yellowbelly or European Carp. Photo by Les_Garbutt

By local fishing guru Tony Bennett

Options are plenty for those fishing in Lake Mulwala, upstream in the Ovens and Murray Rivers above Bundalong and downstream in the Murray River below Yarrawonga / Mulwala.

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