100 days of learning

August 23, 2017

St Mary’s Corowa Kindergarten students and teacher Dannielle Schmidt celebrating 100 days of Kindergarten this year.

St Mary’s Corowa Kindergarten students dressed up as 100-year-olds to celebrate their first 100 years of Kindergarten.

By Sarah Dean

The first 100 days of kindergarten have been kind to the littlies at St Mary’s Primary School Corowa but they do appear to have aged them - a lot.

The five and six-year olds celebrated their 100th day of school on Monday, August 7 by imagining how they would look as 100-year-olds.
Walking canes, pearl necklaces and glasses were the order of the day as the children pulled off a more mature look.
K1 teacher Dannielle Schmidt said celebrating the occasion helped cement the milestone.
A highlight of the day was predicting what the children would be doing when they really turned 100 years old.
One kindergarten student predicted they would be tap dancing in their senior years, while another said they would teach children to read and a third child anticipated buying a walking stick.
“They came up with some really good ideas and it got them thinking,” Dannielle said.
The number 100 was used in a number of counting activities throughout the day.
One of the activities involved using 100 Popsicle sticks to create towers with Play-Doh.
Dannielle said the parents got right behind the dress-up day with many posting photos of their child on Facebook before sending them off to class.

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