Corowa Market Report

August 31, 2017

Steve Paull from Paull & Scollard Albury with Phil and Tania Knobel of “Waldeck” Henty who sold 53 shorn lambs for $154.

Corowa Market held on Monday, August 28 with 10,342 lambs yarded an increase of 3,064 from previous market and 2,992 sheep yarded and increase of 215.
Lamb numbers increased and there were new season lambs offered.
Quality was good but there was a larger spread in weight for the young lambs.
Trade weights were still best supplied and there was a good run of heavy old lambs and hoggets.
Merino lambs were heavier in weights and most had better skins.
Young lambs were firm to a little dearer over the yarding and old lambs were cheaper.
New season lambs averaged $2 dearer on the trade weights and firm on heavy lambs with some sales up to $6 to $8/head dearer.
Medium and heavy trades ranged from $124 to $156 and heavy new season lambs $150 to $171/head.
Carcase prices averaged 625c to 640c after reaching 680c/kg cwt.
Old lambs were firm to $5/head cheaper.
Trade weights sold from $124 to $148/head.
Heavy old lambs made from $144 to $167 with extra heavy weights reaching $190/head.
Carcase prices averaged from 570c to 620c/kg cwt.
Merino lambs reached $150/head.
The best of the heavy weight hoggets made $136/head.
Mutton numbers and quality was good.
Light and medium weight sheep sold to strong competition and were firm to $3 dearer and heavy sheep eased $5 to $12/head on average.
Medium weight ewes sold from $86 to $100/head.
Heavy crossbred ewes sold from $103 to $126/head.
Merino ewes traded from $105 to $116/head.
Most averaged from 370c to 420c/kg cwt.

Corowa Top Results
New Season Lambs
102    D & S Mitchell    Culcairn    $171
50    A Morant    Tallangatta    $170.60
21    DG & HT Lieschke    Walla Walla    $170
36    FJ Corrigan & Co    Bowna    $168
89    R & V McMonigle    Glenrowan    $167.20
75    KW & IM Thomas    Walla Walla    $166
75    D & J Underwood    Coreen    $165
86    Calool & Co    Culcairn    $164.60
104    Kathard Inv    Gerogery    $164.20
27    SG Murphy    St James    $164.20
19    Schoen Past Co    Corowa    $164
53    GL & EL Fisher    Browns Plains    $163.20
21    JD McInnes    Jindera    $161
Shorn Lambs
156    RJ Lubke    Jindera    $190
44    TJ Hamoore    Burrumbuttock $188
20    J & L Neary    Murmungee    $175.20
80    Yallambee P/L    Walla Walla    $175
23    J A M Bennett    Barooga    $174
24    Avalands Past    Walla Walla    $165.20
69    AW & WM Strachan    Balldale    $158.00
Merino Lambs
13    J Buerwer    Tungamah    $150
199    KJ & S Mitchell    Tooma    $136
56    C & K Severin    Balldale    $125
57    JH McLaurin     Bidgeemia    $119.20
47    N & B Forge    Rennie    $115
XBred Ewes
37    Keogh Agri    Mullengandra     $125
30    NG Everitt & Co    Balldale    $122
Merino Ewes
84    Helensborogh        $120
20    R & S Humphries    Bungeet    $113
140    KE,GA & WG Hall    Burrumbuttock    $110

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