Corowa Market Report

September 13, 2017

Harvey Benton From Corcoran Parker Wangaratta with Rex Benton from “Redhill” Springhurst who sold 22 new season lambs for $146.20.

Corowa Market held on Monday, September 11 with 10,404 lambs yarded an increase of 1,986 from previous week and 5,056 sheep yarded an increase of 2,213.

Lamb numbers lifted and included 7,819 new season lambs.

The quality of the new season lambs was good with plenty of trade and heavy weights penned.

Old lambs were mixed and there were several good runs of heavy and extra heavy lambs penned.

A full field of buyers operated in a cheaper market.

New season lambs were $8 to $9 cheaper on the trade and heavy weights $12 to $14/head cheaper on the lighter 2 score lambs.

The 2 score lambs to 18kg sold from $104 to $115/head.

The medium and heavy trade weights ranged from $119 to $153/head.

Heavy new season lambs ranged between $140 and $170 with a few extra heavy lambs topping at $179/head.

Carcass prices ranged from 580c to 620c/kg.

Old trade lambs fell $9 and ranged from $111 to $136/head.

Heavy lambs were firm with supply limited and lambs sold from $124 to $164 with extra heavy lambs reaching $176/head.

Carcase prices ranged from 540c to 580c/kg on most.

Merino lambs sold to solid prices ranging from $110 to $123/head.

The best of the heavy hoggets reached $136/head.

Mutton numbers lifted and quality was mixed with mostly ewes penned.

Prices were down by $10 to $12/head on most.

Medium weight ewes sold from $80 to $110/head.

Heavy crossbred ewes made from $112 to $128/head.

Merino wethers reached $123/head.

Ewe carcass prices averaged 385c/kg.

Corowa Top Results

New Season Lambs

56 Yarrimbah P/L Burrumbuttock $179

31 R W Schroeter Walla Walla $178

44 Bull Plain Rennie $169.20

52 Tomlinson Ag Coreen $169

88 KW & IM Thomas Walla Walla $164.60

131 AC Kerr Oaklands $163

68 WA Hicks P/L Lowesdale $161

61 HR & GD Lieschke Walla Walla $160.20

47 D & N Coyle Barnawartha $160

38 BM & G O’Keefe Boorhaman $159

63 G R Seymour Rutherglen $158

204 Campbells Wines Rutherglen $158

43 E & L Lowe Thoona $157

Shorn Lambs

100 R J Lubke Jindera $176

41 B C Wenke Walla Walla $164

29 FW & KT Knight Corowa $164

32 L Fraser Mudgegonga $162.20

21 Francis Part Rutherglen $150

XBred Ewes

40 J Jamieson Finley $121.60

17 Heinjus & Star Lilliput $118.20

50 W H Chambers Rutherglen $118

62 JL & LM Burns Burrumbuttock $115.60

14 FW & K T Knight Corowa $115.60

181 R S Gulliver Balldale $115

Merino Ewes

100 C & K Smith Oaklands $130

54 R H Weisner Walla Walla $128

142 M & J Griffin Lake Rowan $118

77 Fintona Holdings Yerong Creek $114.60

205 J C Koop Glenrowan $112

39 N & N Cocking Corowa $112

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