North East Regional Tennis

November 09, 2017

Round 4;

Section 1 - Wang Hardcourt is showing a clean pair of heels to their opposition and this week it was Wang Lawn that experienced the power and precision tennis of the Hardcourt team.

Lawn usually holds sway in the Ladies sets but this week Hardcourt were able to exploit the deficiencies of the Lawn side and win two sets which enabled them set up victory early and with their Men winning four sets , Hardcourt had established an insurmountable lead heading into the Mixed sets.

Lawn did manage to provide some opposition but the damage was done earlier and Hardcourt had a convincing 9-3 victory.

Scott Solimo, Chris Lucas, Andy Lucas and Robyn Hogan all produced perfect days, winning three sets each while for the Lawn Janine Thiele, Emily Brown and Janelle Hartwig battled against the odds to no avail.

Corowa Blue overwhelmed Corowa Red in the Friday night match, this was tipped to be close and exciting but Blue totally outclassed Red and won 11-1.

It appears that Blue may have turned the corner but next week’s encounter with Hardcourt will tell the tale.

On closer inspection of the results Red could quite easily have been closer, Blue had the better of most of the tie breaks and close sets (four) had Red managed to scrape home in a couple of the early ones then the pressure would have been applied back to Blue and the match may have taken a different turn.

But credit to Blue they produced when required.

Kim Broughton, Helen Curtis, Jono Keys and Darrell Spencer were best for Blue.

Red had good contributors in Alistair Clay, Matt Forrest, Tam Lavis and Debbie Filliponi.

Section 2 - Everton and Wang Hardcourt usually entertain with close matches and the grand final replay was no exception.

Everton jumped away early when Julie Deretic and Stacey Thomas won 8-1 but that was the extent of joy as Hardcourt won the next five sets.

But there was a sting in the Everton tail and fortunes changed as Everton then won the next five sets to lead 6-5 with the games level as the last set was under way.

Hardcourt had Ray Munari and Marianna Hines pitted against Everton's Alan and Leanne Wood in an exhausting affair the Hardcourt duo prevailed 8-4 to ensure Hardcourt came away with points. Marianna Hines with three sets was Hardcourts’ best and ably supported by Kath Trainer, Matt Lucas and Scott Parker.

Stacey Thomas, Jenny Cooper, Steve Cole and Noel Kneebone were the backbone of the Everton outfit.

Rutherglen has returned to the winner’s list at the expense of Boorhaman, although the scoreline was 10-2 Boorhaman was a lot closer on paper.

They were unlucky to win only one of the five close sets which could have gone either way. It was the experience and steady hands of Rutherglen which were the difference in the end.

Helen Fuge, Maddie Pianto, Jacqui Pianto and Brady Hofer all achieved the perfect score of three sets for Rutherglen, Boorhaman never gave up and Hayley Thomson, Merryn Byrne, Shane Parr and Ian Maiden were their best.

Section 3 - Wahgunyah Black (Brodie Molnar, Priscilla Hill, Corey Hill, Liam Hill) continue to impress with a style of tennis that can only be described as controlled tennis, as they overcome a determined Wooragee Blue (Houn Reilly, Liam McRostie, Ben McGuinnes, James Garvey).

Wahgunyah Red (Fiona Rose, Gordon Sawyer, James Strachan, Saskia Van Leeuwen) had to battle hard for the points against Worragee Red (Jack Chambeyron, Connor Maher, Lucy O'Connor, Eamon Maher).

Wahgunyah Gold (Jake Goddard, Shaun Moore, Wayne Johnstone, Peter Treberly) stamped themselves as one of the favourites in Section 3 with a comprehensive victory over Corowa (Jake Saville, David Strachan, Daniel Forrest, Jack Sleep).


Section 1

Wang Hardcourt 9-81 def Wang Lawn 3-57, Corowa Blue 11-95 def Corowa Red 1-52

Section 2

Wang Hardcourt 6-74 def Everton 6-70, Rutherglen 10-89 def Boorhaman 2-57

Section 3

Wahgunyah Black 6-48 def Wooragee Blue 0-16, Wahgunyah Gold 6-48 def Corowa 0-24, Wahgunyah Red 5-44 def Wooragee Red 1-31

Northern Under 15

Rutherglen 7-42 def Chiltern 0-10, Corowa 4-31 def Wooragee 3-27


Section 1 - Wang Hardcourt 41, Wang Lawn 28, Corowa Blue 23, Corowa Red 20.

Section 2 - Everton 29, Wang Hardcourt 28, Rutherglen 27, Myrrhee 18, Boorhaman 10.

Section 3 - Wahgunyah Black 23, Wahgunyah Gold 22, Corowa 16, Wahgunyah Red 16, Rutherglen 13, Wooragee Red 6, Wooragee Blue 0.

Under 15 - Wahgunyah 21, Corowa 19, Rutherglen 16, Wooragee 12, Chiltern 1.

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