North East Regional Tennis Association

December 20, 2017

Section 1

Wang Hardcourt continue on their winning way after another authoritative performance against Corowa Blue where they won 9-3.

They didn’t have it all their own way as the sets suggest, as there were 7 out of 12 sets that went the distance and could have gone either way but once again experience came to the fore, which Wang Hardcourt has an abundance of.

Corowa displayed enough to take some confidence to their return match on the grass, where an upset could be on the cards.

Once again it was the dominance of the Hardcourt women that blew the match apart early as the Corowa men battled manfully to split the points with the Hardcourt men.

If any team is to make any inroads on the Hardcourt team then they must find a way to negate the influence of the Hardcourt women.

Robyn Hogan, Denise Goodwin and Anna McDonald won 3 sets each and Andy Lucas chipped in with 3 also for Hardcourt.

For Corowa Darrell Spencer and Jono Keys lead the way with 2 sets each and with support from Peter Filliponi and Kim Broughton Corowa were always an arm’s length away. 

The Wang Lawn - Corowa Red match mirrored that of the Hardcourt - Corowa Blue match, also with the Wang team victorious.

The Lawn women were dominant winning 4 sets and their men 2 sets, which set up an almost unassailable lead before the mixed sets.

This match also had 7 of 12 sets decided by composure and luck where Lawn had the advantage. Corowa Red can be proud of their efforts and with an ounce of luck could quite easily have been a lot closer and within a hare’s breath of snatching the points.

Emily Brown and Janelle Hartwig again lead the charge for Lawn and with Kim Brown, Wendy Hogan and Ken Parker lending support Corowa Red were never going to win.

Corowa Red’s Alastair Clay and Matt Forrest were the best for their team and when Mel Rhodes, Marianne Spencer and Greg Filliponi decided to enter the contest they made things uncomfortable for their Lawn opponents.

Section 2

Wang Hardcourt is back on the winners list at the expense of the ever improving Boorhaman.

There seems to be a theme running through the NERTA association as this match was also a mirror image of the Section 1 matches.

The Hardcourt women fell across the line in the first 2 sets (tie breakers) then on the reverse proved they were the real deal and gained the ascendancy for Hardcourt after their men split the sets. Hardcourt put the foot to the metal in the mixed sets and extended their lead to gain a comfortable victory.

Kim Brimblecombe, Kath Trainer, Marika Van Stelkenberg and Ray Munari all won 3 sets for Hardcourt and for Boorhaman Ian Maiden won his 3, on these results you would think Hardcourt steamrolled Boorhaman but over the last few weeks Boorhaman have been developing a team mentality within their ranks and don’t need a number of people to stand out as they all do their little bit to contribute to the overall result.

Rutherglen – Myrrhee also had a likeness to the rest of the Section 1 and Section 2 results but this time it was the Rutherglen men that did the damage and their women breaking even with the Myrrhee women.

Myrrhee were missing a couple of their hard hitting men but you can only play the opposition that turns up and the Rutherglen men showed no pity to their opponents.

Myrrhee’s women showed some fight against the odds and it was Cathy Van Berlo who shone above the others while Phil Corker, Di Griffin and Dan Griffin produced enough winners to put Rutherglen under pressure at times.

Josh Quick, Reg Quick and Helen Fuge won 3 sets for the winners while Mitch Carmody, Mark Stones and Jenny King put the icing on the cake for Rutherglen.

Section 3 

The Wooragee Red bubble has burst and Wahgunyah Gold were the culprits.

They brought a big pin with them and drove it into the bubble early and then cruised to an easy 5-1 victory as the air was gone from the Wooragee team. 

Wooragee Red (Connor Maher, Ali Maher, Jack Chambeyron, Eamon Maher) were riding a wave of success until Saturday and with the win Wahgunyah Red (Fiona Rose, Gordon Sawyer, Saskia Van Leeuwen, James Strachan) have leapt above Wooragee and into the top 4.

Eamon Maher, Jack Chambeyron and Ali Maher were Woragee’s best while the experienced duo of Fiona Rose and Gordon Sawyer couldn’t be faulted for their performance.

The scores suggest that Wahgunyah Gold (Shaun Moore, Wayne Johnstone, Peter Trebely,

Jesse Johnstone) were totally outclassed by Corowa (Jake Saville, David Strachan, Rogan Baird, Daniel Forrest) but that was not the case, this match had all the hallmarks of being one of the classic matches for Section 3 and with a little luck Wahgunyah may have been a lot closer at the end. Nothing can be taken away from Corowa who produced the goods and shots at the appropriate times to take stranglehold of the match after the first 4 sets.

Corowa’s was a disciplined team effort and it was left to Wayne and Jesse Johnstone to ensure that the sets score wasn’t a whitewash as they won the last set of the match.

The Wahgunyah Black (Brodie Molnar, Cilla Hill, Corey Hill and Rob Hill) juggernaut keeps rolling along this week at the expense of Wooragee Blue (Ben McInness, Liam McCrostie, Jess Knoth and Mick Garvey).

Blue tried everything they knew, they even resorted to sledging but this fell on deaf ears as Wahgunyah Black were too focused to be distracted.

Black are looking like a team on a mission this year with only one aim to make the grand final then win it. 


Section 1: Wang Hardcourt 9-86 def Corowa Blue 3-68, Wang Lawn 8-85 def Corowa Red 4-67. Section 2: Rutherglen 9-90 def Myrrhee 3-51, Wang Hardcourt 9-79 def Boorhaman 3-57. Section 3: Wahgunyah Blue 6-48 def Wooragee Blue 0-22, Wahgunyah Red 5-44 def Wooragee Red 1-25, Corowa 5-45 def Wahgunyah Gold 1-34.

Junior pennant

Under 15: Wahgunyah 7-42 def Chiltern 0-6, Corowa Vs Rutheglen (No Score).

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