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February 28, 2018

Unfortunately the weather played a major part in the weekend’s results with a number of matches incomplete which then means that the higher finishing team progresses to the grand final.

Some matches were going against the higher team until the rain poured down and produced some relieved faces of the advancing teams.

Section 1

Corowa Blue seemed to have a stranglehold on their match against Corowa Red before the heavens opened up, they had won both men’s sets and shared the women’s sets to ensure they were in a commanding position and the match position only reinforced the fact Corowa Blue had finished higher on the ladder.

Darrell “Phones” Spencer, Scott “Flash” Francis, Peter “Dobbs” Filliponi and Jono “Too Many” Keys were always going to be the difference between the two teams, especially after Al “Ghost” Clay was unavailable for Red, the Blue men may also prove the stumbling block next week for the Lawn outfit. Wang Lawn looked likely to cause an upset after the early sets and results had gone in their favour, it was the Lawn men that had showed some fight this week and although they lost both their sets they gained the maximum number of games (both lost tie breaks).

The Hardcourt men were steadier under pressure and handled the conditions better than the Lawn men in the finish.

Hardcourt now advance to the grand final in three weeks and will still remain favourites after their impressive season.

Section 2

Myrrhee have scalped the raging Section 2 favourites Everton to proceed to the grand final after a flawless team effort.

Myrrhee jumped Everton early and took the first three sets which then put the Everton team under extreme pressure.

It was left to Jarrod and Noel Kneebone to put Everton’s first win on the board but then Myrrhee won the next two sets convincingly, to all but shut the gate and cast doubt on Everton’s ability to handle pressure.

At 6 sets to 1and a healthy deficit of 24 games Everton were gone but to the rescue came the experienced duo Russell “Statue” Bennett and Noel “Gazelle” Kneebone to at least breathe hope into the Everton camp with an 8-0 win.

Having to win all 4 mixed sets and at an advantage of 8-4, Tom “Ethan Hunt” Cruse was called but even he refused the mission.

Myrrhee managed to win the last mixed set and hence put Everton out of their misery and now Myrrhee wait to see who their challenger will be.

Cathy Van Berlo won 3 sets for the winners while Noel Kneebone won 3 for the vanquished.

Wang Hardcourt can consider themselves hard done by as they were in a winning position against Rutherglen and looked as though they could have comfortably gone on and taken the points.

When rain stopped play Wang Hardcourt were 4-43 and Rutherglen 2-31 and with two sets in progress and Hardcourt holding sway easily, they would probably have had an unassailable lead heading into the mixed sets.

The heavens opened up and Hardcourt’s hopes of victory were washed down the drain with the excess water. 

Section 3 

As predicted Wahgunyah Red (Jake Boyle, Fiona Rose, Gordon Sawyer, James Strachan) have advanced to fight another day after they defeated Corowa (Jake Saville, David Strachan, Rogan Baird, Daniel Forest).

Wahgunyah Red were pushed early with the first four sets split and Red had a 3 game advantage.

It was then that the experience and talent of the Red team came to the fore as they showed why they will again this week, take favouritism into their preliminary final.

Red were cool under pressure and never let the situation get the better of them.

David Strachan can hold his head high for Corowa while Red’s Jake Boyle proved he could play higher.

Wahgunyah Gold (Jake Goddard, Shaun Moore, Peter Treberly, Wayne Johnstone) were tipped to ease comfortably past the depleted Wahgunyah Black (Brodie Molnar, Priscilla Hill, Corey Hill, Jessie Johnstone) but this wasn’t the case, Black hadn’t read the script and were attempting to rewrite the last chapter of the book.

Gold were pushed to the limit with 2 x 8-6 and a tie break all going their way, with a bit of luck the match could have been tighter than it actually was but all to no avail as the rain put paid to the fairy tale ending for Black.

Black do live to fight another day next week in the preliminary final while Gold can cool their heels and wait to see who their opponents will be.

Preliminary Final Predictions

Section 1 - Corowa Blue to triumph over Wang Lawn due to the dominance of the Corowa men who will take control of the match early and then in the final stages when the mixed sets are played. Corowa 7-5 & 12 games

Section 2 - Everton need to regroup quickly but with a plethora of experienced finals players they will get the points over a lucky Rutherglen. Everton 8-4 & 20 games

Section 3 - Wahgunyah Red to continue their giant killing run against Wahgunyah Black but if Black produce another performance like last week then this result will be closer than the pundits predict. Red 4-2 & 15 games.


Section 1: Wang Hardcourt def Wang Lawn, Corowa Blue def Corowa Red.

Section 2: Myrrhee 7-73 def Everton 5-64, Rutherglen def Wang Hardcourt.

Section 3: Wahgunyah Red 4-40 def Corowa 2-28, Wahgunyah Gold 5-40 def Wahgunyah Black 1-30.

Junior pennant

Under 15: Semi-finals played on well-presented courts at the Rutherglen Recreation Reserve. 

Wahgunyah 6-40 def Wooragee 1-24, Corowa 4-35 def Rutherglen 3-32.

Grand final next week at Rutherglen, players please bring a plate. Wahgunyah Vs Corowa.

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