Corowa Squash results

May 16, 2018

Monday Night Round 13
The Swans beat the Tigers 2 rubbers each, on points.  
John Pleming beat Danny Green on a forfeit. 
Bryce Stones lost to Jane Bromwich in 3 games, 28 points to 21 points. 
Helen Fuge beat Sam Green in 3 games, 27 points to 14 points. 
Frank Fitzgerald lost to Michelle Walsh in 3 games, 7 points to 27 points.
The Jaguars beat the Rebels with 1’s and 2’s not playing. 
Matt Menz lost to Michael Lethbridge 2 games 34 points to 3 games 45 points.
Sean Doughty reserved for James Strachan and beat Rory Stones in 3 games, 27 points to 13 points.
The Spiders beat the Demons 2 rubbers each on points.  
Jim McGrath lost to Mark Nesbitt in 1 game 23 points to 3 games 33 points. 
Stephen Blain beat Damien Pleming 3 games 31 points to 2 games 31 points. 
Sam Doyle lost to John Kostiw 2 games 30 points to 3 games 34 points. 
Jamie Warner beat Chris Reilly 3 games 32 points to 1 game 12 points.

Thursday Night Round 11
The Kangaroos lost to the Wombats 116 points to 134 points. 
The 1’s and 2’s didn’t play.
Sam Green beat Sean Doughty who reserved for Tanya Seymour in 3 games, 45 points to 32 points.  
James Strachan lost to Sean Doughty in 3 games, 29 points to 45 points. 
Bella Green lost to Jarred Huggins 1 game 42 points to 3 games 57 points.
The Echnidas lost to the Emus 56 points to 147 points with the 1’s and 3’s not playing. 
Travis Smith lost to Tony Doughty in 3 games, 20 points to 45 points.  
Matt Menz lost on a forfeit to Helen Fuge. 
Bree Willet beat Lachie McKenzie 3 games 57 points to 1 game 36 points.
The Lions lost to the Bulldogs 194 points to 198 points, the 2’s didn’t play. 
Damien Pleming reserved for Brian Lyons and lost to Stephen Blain 2 games 62 points to 3 games 69 points.  
Frank Fitzgerald beat Jamie Warner 3 games 65 points to 2 games 61 points. 
Blake Green lost in 3 games to Michelle Walsh 22 points to 45 points. 
Frankie Goodall beat Kyron Smith in 3 games, 45 points to 23 points.

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